Conch of the dark whispers does not proc

Bug Report
The trinket Conch of the Dark Whispers from Shrine of the Storm last boss does not appear to proc for healing, at least on a holy paladin. The trinket text says "your spells have a chance to proc" crit strike, not "damaging spells", yet healing never procs it. Not sure if bug or intended, but please clarify since right now it's a 340 ilvl paperweight for a holy paladin despite crit being the top stat.
Post is a day old, but I might be able to help.

I haven't been able to get the trinket to proc while healing outside of combat, but it does work for me if I'm already in combat.

Try healing someone attacking a combat dummy or by aggroing the tanking dummy while staying just enough out of it's range to hit you.
Bumping this as it's still an issue, had it proc once off of a judgement in a random dungeon. Trinket isn't worth using as is unless you're a disc priest.
Confirming here as well, doesn't seem to proc from healing.
Still not working, hoping this gets fixed rather soon.
Just got this to drop tonight and also cannot get it to proc from heals.
Upon testing it again, it appears to be working again, albeit with a low proc rate, but the buff is popping up while in combat with dummies and self-healing my character, casting no offensive spells.
Doesnt work at all for me...

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