WOW is crashing every second?

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The game runs completely fine, graphics look normal. Problem is it crashed maybe a few times a day and it was manageable, I just had to relaunch. Now I can't even keep the game open. I log in and it will stay open for maybe 3 min max before crashing. I don't understand how to fix it - any ideas?

I use a macbook air 2015 and have Sierra. is anyone else dealing with this? Completely fine-running game but random crashes?
Too little information to go on.

What I can tell you is this... your game is NOT randomly crashing. It outright is unable to run.
Seeing as you have a 2015 MBA, you have the Intel 6000 IGP. You should probably update to High Sierra as noted in the linked post below as it fixes many Intel driver crashing bugs that were left unfixed in all versions of Sierra:

Hopefully that will resolve your issue. Pay close attention to the instructions for avoiding APFS conversion if you do not wish for that to occur.

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