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Hello, Hey, Hi!

I attempted this from my phone this morning but apparently it didn't take...

I'm currently looking for a raiding guild for my Warlock. As BFA is about to hit and I've just recently come back from a hiatus, I feel like this is a step that I've put off for far too long.

What I am looking for:
First and foremost I'm looking for a community of players, people who all enjoy themselves and enjoy raiding, mythic dungeons (as I tried them a bit and got a pretty good hunger to do them), and joking around. My favorite time while playing World of Warcraft has been with a guild that I fostered some really good friendships with during WotLK and I would really like to find myself that type of environment again.

To Raiding:
I would like a semi casual raiding guild, one that raids 2 or 3 times a week ( Monday - Thursday ) a few hours a night. I have a job, am in school, so the fewer days the better, but 3 I feel is fair. Raiding times that are good for me are anywhere from 6pm - 12am.

About my warlock:
I started playing my lock through the end of BC into WotLK, and its been my main ever since. I like PvE far more than PvP as I never really got into it as much with this character, but my warrior I had a decent time with.
In BC, I raided up until Black Temple, pre WotLK patch, and finished Sunwell afterwards. I even got my Zul'Aman Amani War Bear.
In WotLK, I raided 25m Heroics where I cleared all content up until H LK 25m, prior to his nerf.
During Cata, I made it up until Dragon Soul but got pretty tired and ended up taking a break. Coming back each expansion and maxing out my lock and doing a few raids.
Legion, I just recently came back and have really enjoyed the content. I haven't really gone into the legion raids except in LFR, but it looks pretty interesting and I'm a bit upset that I've missed out.

About myself:
I am a 30 year old student, attempting to get a Degree in InfoSec. I find programming to be really interesting problems and is a large leap from my previous profession. I have always enjoyed stiff competition and try to beat the other locks in my parties no matter if its LFR, Flex, or regular raids. I feel that this has come from all my hockey experience when I was a kid. Coming into raid nights, I am fully stocked on consumables, enchants and gems (although now I haven't bothered since I came back so late).

I would like to stick to horde if possible, but if push came to shove I'd switch, I just have RL friends on horde side that I would like to play with at times. So if an Alliance guild feels that they fit my description and think I might fit into their community, please message me.

PvtCaboose#1211 - Battle.net
PvtCaboose#1518 - Discord

I am looking forward to hearing from you, and to speak with you about my potential inclusion into your raiding team.
Hi Caboose,

Thank you for your post! Dark Sun Cabal is currently looking to recruit a warlock for our progression raid team. Based on what your post, our team may fit your criteria! :D

DSC was created in 2009 and has had the same guild leader for the last six years. She’s pretty awesome, but I suppose I’m biased :) We are currently gearing up in mythics for the first week of raiding. We have a very active guild where on any given night it would not be difficult to build a group to run mythics.

Our progression during Legion was 11/11H and we were helping friends through heroic Argus to get a fiber-optic bird all the way until the pre-patch. Our raid schedule is Thursday from 9 p.m. – midnight CST and Saturday and Sunday from 8 – 11 p.m.

I added you on Battle.net – same name as this character. Would love to talk to you in-game!

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