[H]<NoX> Casual guild recruiting for BFA!

Auchindoun, Cho'gall, and Laughing Skull
<NoX> is recruiting!
Realms: Cho'gall, Laughing Skull, Auchindoun
Raid Times: Tuesdays/Fridays 8pm-10:30pm EST. Fridays will typically go a bit later than 10:30pm EST.

NoX is a casual guild built mostly of working adults with weekday jobs, families, and responsibilities. As such, most guild activity occurs week nights and weekends.

We are a Normal/Heroic raiding guild. While we have members who could raid at a Mythic level, we aren't interested in organizing raids for Mythic content.

Currently looking to add 2 core healers and a few players who enjoy flex roles - ideally DPS with a Tank or Healer off spec.

All are welcome! If you are not interested in raiding, or don't quite meet the minimum requirements for raids, we are always running Mythic+ dungeons, and have many members who are interested in PvP content.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or are interested in joining!
So I’m looking for a new guild to raid and do mythica with in bfa. I sent you a friend request and I’m looking forward to hearing back from you.
Are you still recruiting healers?
hello, i am looking for a guild with me and 3 other irl friends
1 hunter (damage)
1 paladin (damage)
1 deathknight (damage)
1 shaman (damage,healer)
we were wondering what time raiding usually ends
Hey there! Raids will be 8pm-1030pm EST, Tues/Fri
Hi Brielle not sure if your still recruiting but I am a 347 Fury warrior, looked like your raid times would work for me. I added you in game very interested in finding a raiding guild.
(Shameless bump) - NoX is in need of consistent tanks!

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