LF casual grown-up guild

Blackhand and Galakrond
Hi Everyone!

I just arrived in Blackhand after a Realm transfer. I am maining a sweet Horde Pandaren MM Hunter, and am currently at ilvl 320. In the future, I am planning on leveling a Monk, but am not decided on the spec yet. I'll see when I finish the Part1 of BFA Pathfinding :)

I am looking for a guild with a casual-grown-ups kind of vibe, with the intent of exploring the raiding content when it comes out (probably in Normal, I don't want to invest too much). My main goal is to meet people whom I enjoy to connect and play with, in order to do mythics, normal/heroic raids, world PVP or just chill by the waterfalls of Zuldazar.

As for personal information, I am 34 years old, I live in Winnipeg Canada, and I have a strong French accent (that you'll love the make a laugh at on Discord) since I was raised in Paris.

Don't hesitate to answer in this post if you think your guild might match. You can also whisper me in game "Cohh", or even send me a mail in game if I'm not connected.

Thanks a lot for reading, and see you in game :)

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