Ret's consecrate.

Ret's consecrate seems pretty worthless.

Wake bursts harder, has utility (snare, and stuns undead/demons), generates more holy power over time than Cons does (more than enough to make up for Cons doing more straight damage over the course of a fight), isn't made worthless by the tank moving stuff out of it... Why would I ever take Cons?

Am I the only one who feels like it needs to be buffed? Lower it's CD, increase it's damage, or make it generate more holy power, and maybe give it a snare... caus it feels worthless right now.
It needs a shorter cooldown. 15 seconds at a minimum.
They need to change it so its more like how it is for Prot. If it buffed your other abilities while standing in the area it would be a lot more competitive to wake.
I would rather they replaced consecrate with an ability that interacts more fluidly with the Ret pally's rotation. I wish that there was something that rewarded skillful builder and cooldown management with a damage increase. Personally, I love crit on Ret Pally because there is no better feeling than seeing a huge chunk in the health bar of your enemy when you crit with Templar's Verdict... If there were a talent in place of consecrate that gave a stacking crit chance or crit damage buff based on builder maintenance while also providing some passive holy power generation, it could be a really interactive talent that still fulfills the holy power generation role on that talent row and provide a better option for sustained AOE fights than Wake of Ashes.
I don't think Consecrate works as Ret. Make it a Prot only ability, give us something that makes more sense, so I echo what Nuanced above said.
They should reduce the cooldown and make it follow ret, and have prot keep the current version while holy should have their consecration heal people who are in it.
It's possible we will use consecrate for mythic+ when the mobs arent all dying instantly, it's definitely competitive in total dmg vs wake of ashes
Reduce the cooldown to 10 sec. Increase the duration to 10. Cut the damage by 60%. Have it scale with haste. Done. The fact that Consecration and WoA don't scale with haste is pretty dumb.
I wouldn't mind having Divine Hammer replace Consecration to be honest. Or at least make it move with the paladin.
Dump it and give us an aoe Exorcism. k thx.
08/30/2018 11:21 PMPosted by Warwagon
Dump it and give us an aoe Exorcism. k thx.

Thanks for saying something irrelevant to the topic... None of this matters if they don't make it mathematically worth using first.
I'd like to see a baseline consecrate that's used similiar to prot's too. It shouldn't be something to heavily tied too damage though. Make it your lowest priority ability, no HP generation with pretty low damage done, but make it empower our Divine storm to travel again. Some buff that doesn't impact dps enough to be an issue when mobs are getting moved about.
It should be baseline, like it used to be.
I wouldn’t mind the dnd effect cribbed off of unholy dks so like all mobs in a con get hit by crusader strike or something. So then we pick between better cleave or more utility.

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