<Tyrannical> 5/8 M 2 Day Recruiting

<Tyrannical> is a 2 day, semi-hardcore guild that raids on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8-11 pm EST with an optional heroic/alt run on Sundays at raid time. As a 6 hour a week guild with the goal of attaining Cutting Edge, we place a high value on player optimization and performance, but also seek to maintain a friendly, mature, and respectful atmosphere. Our ideal applicant is a player who is competent at his or her class, open to constructive feedback, and who adds to the positive raid environment.

Upon review of your application, officers will conduct a brief interview in discord to get to know you and to learn more about your goals as a raider. The trial period lasts 3-4 weeks, during which performance and fit will be evaluated. Upon acceptance, all raiders are provided with pots, flasks, and partial repairs.

Uldir Progression: 5/8 M 8/8 H

Highest recruitment needs (all exceptional applicants are considered):
Tank (Blood DK/BrM)
Tank healer
DPS (WW Monk, Shadow Priest, DH, Warlock pref)

Applicants are encouraged to have had previous Cutting Edge or high-level raiding experience in some previous raid tier.

To apply, please visit

Contact the following officers for more information:
* Zoral#1611
* Nem#1775
Mage high priority.
Brew Tank or Prot/Ret Pally! Have Exp, super easy going learns fast and listens well. Kwis #1754
Hi, Jackie! We are searching for an exceptional ret, and offspecs are always a plus. Please apply at https://tyrannicalus.enjin.com/
Ret or Mage still requested!
I'm a Ret looking for a good 2 day a week guild, I'll apply via site but if you are interested in contacting me directly feel free:
SgtCreamSoda #1185
Very interested. Are you guys full on melee deps (Fury Warrior)?

Exceptional ret considered.
@Brawllick, our roster is pretty full but we always consider exceptional applicants, especially with so many being trials.
Searching for exceptional ret pally
A couple of DPS spots are open - apply at our site!
g'huun down!
Space for a couple dps, especially:

* Warlock
* Boomkin
* Spriest
* Shaman
* WW Monk
* Warrior
Zek'voz down!
Good progress being made on Vectis. Apply at our site if you'd like to join!
Vectis down!
WW monk would be great!
Fetid down, warlock needed!
Currently considering all high-parsing DPS classes

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