[H] <TOL> Wed/Thur 9pm-1am EST mythic

<Top Of the Line> is a newly transferred, high end raiding guild from the dead realm of Alterac. Most of our core have raided together since Wrath and enjoy pushing mythic raid and m+ content together. We'll be cutting edge throughout the tiers of this expansion.

Our goal is to recruit fun and mechnically talented players who like to make fast progression without the need for alts or insane raid schedules. You can expect 2 days of raiding per week with an optional 3rd day on the first 2 weeks of progression. Our current raid times are Wed/Thur 9pm-1am EST with an optional raid day for the first 2 Tuesdays of progression.

Needs (in order of priority):
Ranged DPS
1 Healer, preferably with a DPS offspec though not required
Melee DPS

We focus on bringing the best players to raid rather than the best spec/class since we're not aiming for a top 100 world finish. We never recruit for bench.

If this sounds like the guild for you message Drcray-Zul'jin or reply here and we can take things from there. Looking forward to being a top guild on this server with you!
@Drcray Add me on WoW brah oryx#11827, perfect match for your guild :)
Still on the hunt for the ever elusive RDPS

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