Lmfao...Blizz's hot fix is a slap to the face

Hrmm I hope there's more to it than just this. I've been questing and wPvPing as guardian pretty much the whole xpac. Was really hoping to take kitty for a spin but this is not encouraging. I guess we'll see what it looks like live and if more tweaks are added, but it looks like I'll be staying bear for now.
Time to reroll or quit I guess.
Do they even play this game? They might as well just remove the class and give everyone change tokens.
08/22/2018 06:27 PMPosted by Barehands
Time to reroll or quit I guess.

like they are both equal options. lol. just play more than one char + one spec and you'll live a happy life mate
these "buffs" were an utter disaster. like driving a car full speed off a cliff.

Buffs were in the wrong direction!!! we will need round 2 of buffs for raid.

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