Do you get made fun of for playing this game?

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I don't recall ever being "made fun of" for anything I do--even back when I was a kid. I mean, I suppose other kids may have tried, but it obviously had no impact on me.

As far as WoW's concerned, one or two people have commented that they didn't take me for a "gamer" when they found out I played WoW, but that was the extent of the conversation. I know a lot of WoW players in real life and have a regular weekly WoW night with real life friends.
Because of my profession, I don't have a lot of time to do things outside of work. What do my coworkers do? Pets, Hobbies, Making the most of the time they have. "What do you do Kickyoface?" "I play video games", "oh.. like fortnight, my son likes that." It just feels weird, and i don't like mentioning it
Lol nope, im very outspoken in real life. No one would make fun of me like that, unless we were messing aroundm I love WoW. Its been an on and off relationship for over a decade. People in my circle know its something I do and enjoy. Most people I know think WoW is too indepth, they want to jam things like fortnite, thats cool but not for me. Over the years, thanks to things like COD, people have become more understanding of game time imo. Its way more accessible to more than just nerds now.
There are people who confuse adulting with not having fun or playing games.
The other Red Hat ladies do look at me strangely if I mention playing WoW. But it sure beats Candy Crush!

Highschool senior here. When people who play fortnite make fun of you for playing wow its a very sad,sad,sad, SAD day to be alive.
My favorite are the people talking about spending hours binge watching crap on Netflix....and then look down upon gamers. least we are social and doing something that uses a few brain cells.
I need to have friends or bullies in order to have people make fun of me for playing this game.

So no I don’t have that problem

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Highschool senior here. When people who play fortnite make fun of you for playing wow its a very sad,sad,sad, SAD day to be alive.

Yikers, cant graduate quick enough with a class like that eh.

Imagine, being mocked by fortnite players. I feel for you brother. I'm glad I graduated in a time where games like that didnt exist. May your school year be swift.
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Well in order for that to happen I would need to actually talk to people. Damn I just realized how sad my life looks in retrospect.

Ah well, back to grinding WQs

Awww, thats okay im told all the time , you should settle down and find a husband stop wasting your life being single. Im like you mean life isnt worth living if you dont marry and have kids? News to me *goes back to tanking a dungeon*

Imho life is what you want it to be, dont let people tell you that you have to be this or that. Be what makes you happy.

My aunt and grandma do this to me about finding a wife...... though there are other reasons I don't find a wife and it not really because I don't want a relationship. But yes life is what you want it to be completely agree with that.

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