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Here's my issue, shouldn't the prestige reward be the heritage armour, not the race itself?
08/26/2018 11:54 PMPosted by Nephis
Eh, once we get down two more expansions you're probably going to look at anywhere from 6-12 different reputation grinds to exalted for various allied races. The system is not really future proof.

This really. 120 back to legion can have issues.

Even gameplay UI mechanics wise its having issues now. I have lost solid breadcrumbs for Val'sharah main quest. I had to hit areas I knew from another char's run in the area to get the rep up for the basics of a void elf run started on an alliance char.

I got the friendly there. Getting those tears, yeah...kind of screwed atm really. At least for the moment friendly enough. trivial quests is turned on lol. Some do not show at all unless I have an elvui bug.

Few more expacs and this will be unplayable without wowhead open on the side to read for a new player.
I am fine with more reputation grinds and attunements to dugeons.
Just stop whinging and go get them, nothing is stopping you, except your own entitled impatient attitude.
08/27/2018 01:55 AMPosted by Sedated
I am fine with more reputation grinds and attunements to dugeons.


They should make it so you need honored with certain factions to unlock normal dungeons in their zones. Revered to unlock heroic. Exalted to unlock Mythic. Exalted with all factions to unlock raids and mythic+.

Make it so you need 7th legion and honorbound rep to unlock the dungeons from the other faction. At the same levels, of course: honored for normal, revered for heroic, and exalted for Mythic.

Make it so that 7th legion and honorbound is one of the reps you need at exalted to unlock raids and mythic+.
Oh my god. Thank you so much for making this post, i've been thinking about making one about this myself since i sub'ed for BFA.

It is very unfair for those like myself who unsubbed in middle of Legion because the content got just boring for me and also had to focus on other things IRL.

So i come back to BFA and boom, i gotta grind reputation in legion content. I tried doing it several times and i dozed off every single time, it's just boring, do people actually like grinding like that? Grinding in BFA is fair but in a previous expansion for which there is no actual benefit except the race, just seems very unfair. Most of the week, with whatever time i have to play, i barely grind my gear and rep on BFA content, doing it legion again is just annoying.

Would be very very nice if they remove the reputation requirement for the legion's allied races or atleast reduce it to revered.

I see alot of hate posts above about people like us "being lazy", pretty sure those guys grinded the rep back on legion itself and are acting big now. I like grinding rep on current expansion but not on the previous ones, pretty sure alot of us here feel the same.
Yea.. Remember when you bought Burning Crusade and had to grind end game content dor 2 months just to play one?
08/27/2018 01:48 AMPosted by Reznok
Here's my issue, shouldn't the prestige reward be the heritage armour, not the race itself?

In this case, it's "prestige" not "prestigious" -- meaning that it's a reward that involves making a new character from scratch to replay the game, with some kind of bonus. The idea seemed to be to introduce something like the "prestige system" in a games like Call of Duty.

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