Wow companion app won't log in

Mobile Bug Report
I put in my username and password into the companion app, it sends an authentication request to my authenticator, I approve it and then when I go back to the app nothing happens.

The screen stays on the authentication request screen even after I approved it.
Hello Ditka,

Which version of the WoW Companion app are you using? Have you updated your authenticator lately?
I am having almost the exact same problem. An endless cycle of repeated logging into the companion app, navigating to the authenticator, approving the log in, then navigating back to the companion app only to ask me for my log in creds again. I have been stuck in this cycle of logging in and approving and the companion app never logging in.
Also, tried to leave the Authenticator app running and hoping it would switch the companion app on it's own but does not.
I'm using ver. 2.0.27488 of the companion app and ver 2.3.0 of the Authenticator

Edit: Also in iOS.
Same for me. Exactly as Nelieltuu described. I copied the code once and was able to get past the authenticator stage only to have the app crash after I selected a character. Only difference is that I'm on iOS.

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