<Universal Order> (Horde)

Ravenholdt and Twisting Nether
Good Day To You Traveler,

This is going to be a long wall of text, so bear with me please.
(It's worth the read)

Where do i began? I'll start by telling you that i have played this game for atleast 6 years by this point in time. I joined this game right before ICC opened to the world. I have server swapped MANY times, and faction changed MANY times aswell. I have gone from Casual to Raiding to Heroic Raiding to Mythic to PVP guilds. i have gone from family to friends to foe guilds. I have been in almost every time of guild (even a furry one...eww) that you can think of.

I have literally never found a guild quite like this one. These people, are not just knowledgeable, but are ridiculously kind, and they have been around for 10 YEARS. T-E-N Y-E-A-R-S with the same core raiders, that's a crazy accomplishment, and is a testament to their experience. The amount of support, friendliness, and family-feeling coming from this guild is nuts. This guild is filled with some of the best people that i have met in a really long time.
Now, their raiding aspect and M+ aspect in one: They ROCK. These people have some of the best mechanical learning skills that i've seen in a long while. If a boss is giving them trouble, literally everyone is pitching ideas around trying to solve it, or aid it. There's always going to be a time, where if a specific person just can't get it right, they sit out, but that's normal across all guilds and both factions. The same goes for M+'s. They make a habit of doing them often, to keep weekly rewards and gear in check for people, but don't require it.

I had to leave this server and faction because alot of my friends were swapping to Alliance, and i wanted to follow them to maintain our friendship. But, am sad to do so, because i have to leave these people.

I will never forget them, and i HIGHLY recommend this guild to ANYONE who fits that family-friendly but still raider POV.

With much love for all,
UO Is the best guild on Horde side TN by a mile.

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