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She will not divide us.
saurfang for warchief
Please faction change
Zekhan for Warchief.

He's the hero we need, but not the one we deserve.

Keeping on zapping, Zappyboi.

08/13/2018 01:53 PMPosted by Ripley
Please faction change

I'll be first in line for the raid encounter.
Steaks back on the menu boys!

She is winning the war, are you tired of winning already?
Democrats even in wow :(
I don't care who the WarChief is, I care only for the Forsaken's survival.
Slyvanas will bring us victory

Anduin will bring you a nice piece of cake from his marriage to Wrathion
08/13/2018 01:52 PMPosted by Fatguy
She will not divide us.
saurfang for warchief

THen go roll a gnome and dance with a drunken dwarf while singing a partridge family song!!

We dont want or need any spineless horde!!
08/13/2018 01:52 PMPosted by Fatguy
saurfang for warchief

saurfang would be a really bad warchief. and i think he knows that, as he has been in high ranking positions for a long !@# time without becoming one.
08/13/2018 01:53 PMPosted by Eravacycler
Yeah I literally faction changed to stand with my in game WoW Cersei, (don’t let my avatar fool u it’s not updated *sad face*) but I too side with Sylvanas she was warned and she persisted anyways for the long game to preserve the Horde
Sylvanas is the best warchief we've ever had
You shouldn't have a warchief that abandon his faction in the first glimpse of dishonor and go full suicidal. Saurfang is just pure muscle strenght but no strategy and not cold blood to rule and make difficult choices.
Sylvanas is our first real Warchief.
How come Alliance never whines about their War chief.

I mean Anduin is the most namby pamby wannabe yall ever had and I aint heard a peep
Sylvanas is going to bring us all of Kalimdor. She gave up her own city for you ungrateful people.
Your plan to avoid dividing the horde is to divide the horde.

Ok. Yup.

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