No Engi vendor in Dazar'alor...

I think they just forgot to put it in. Theres a vendor for every other profession right next to the trainers. No vendor for engineering items and the blacksmith vendor doesn't have engineering items either.
The trainer is under the little covered area. All the mats needdd from purchase is right outside. I believe it may be labeled as a blacksmith vendor. It’s right near the mining trainer. It is there though
Actually, you buy your engineering supplies from Foreman Al'jibo who is in the great seal in the Hall of Ancient Paths (next to the room with portals)
Sorry to necro, but this is the first result on Google for "engineering vendor zuldazor". There is a vendor for engineering materials immediately outside of the alcove the engineering trainer is at (which is located right next to the salvage station). The vendor is Atulanji <Hammer of the King>, and she can be found hammering on an anvil between the salvage station and the large troll that is the blacksmithing trainer.

For reference if you're a visual person:

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