Stormsong and Dance questline.

Bug Report
So close to having Kul'Tourist.

I have done everything on my map in Stormsong Valley but not seeing an initiation quest for 'From the Depths They Come'.

I am 7/8 and this is preventing me from completing the achievement.
I haven't finished all the quests yet but I have a feeling this may be bugged for me too. I looked up what quests it entails and as far as I know I've already done that story with Pike and Sam, up to the dungeon quest. Did you ever get it figured out?
Still have not. I have done everything I can see. What dungeon does it send you to? Do you know who gave you the start of the questchain?
"From the Depths They Come" I think is the questline involving the naga in Fort Daelin, I got it last night.

Found exactly where this begins, and it is not marked in any way on the map. It was incredibly misleading. I also thought the quest was bugged.

Return to Brennadam and speak to Squire Agustus III, he will give you the quest "Trouble at Fort Daelin", and send you on your way up there.

Hope this helps anyone else thinking it was bugged. Happy hunting.

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