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9/10, great launch, great music, great zones, great story, great dungeons, amazing island expeditions, only thing dragging it down are the sometimes annoying and frustrating world quests.
8/10. There's great quest variety leveling up. Blizz has really come a long way since the old days. I've had a bit of fun in wpvp and I like that even when I was lower lvl I still stood a chance against the 120s. I've recently hit 120 and I can tell the mobs have become tougher. But that's fine as I like a challenge. I can't believe how whiny ppl are about it (although maybe it's a complete nightmare for other classes/specs).

Unholy has been great for leveling. I feel like I'm somewhere close to as good as the dedicated pet classes at leveling, and I've pretty much taken down most of the group recommended quests on my own (albeit very challenging). So it's been a great variety of difficulty.

My disappointment is in the barebones professions. It's like they just stopped caring about them.
08/19/2018 07:44 PMPosted by Rilely
A suggestion here is to apply the "side quest" marker like other RPGs and make them some how totally optional for folks who are mostly interested in furthering a story. I don't want to collect hay! It just sucks.

I like this idea. We already have orange markers for legendary/class hall/war campaign quests. The number of quests here was overwhelming. In fact they could probably just skip putting many of them in as normal quests and let them be world quests only.
08/19/2018 06:01 PMPosted by Zaleith
7/10. Not the best, but enjoyable. Zones are far more interesting than Legion zones and that's what really captivated me. Dungeons are interesting, too.
08/19/2018 08:34 PMPosted by Suhmyfuhdbeh
08/19/2018 06:59 PMPosted by Eilla
...Well, from the person hiding behind this avatar, I say, man up, put your money where your mouth is and unsubscribe.
Negative Nancies like you are just a drain on happiness.

People are loving this game, but ppl like you have to come and poop over everything and try to make everyone as miserable as yourself.
Just go then. Don't post anymore. Because no one in their right mind would keep posting about something that they disdain. Unless you're a troll. Are you a troll?

You are the person who continues to go to chipotle after they have had multiple incidents of food contamination. I am going to unsubscribe, don’t you worry pal. I came to the forums to get a brief understanding of player feels, and I wasn’t wrong.

This xpac is !@#$, I just don’t understand how you could justifiably back it up. I WISH I could see the sub numbers after a month to prove my point, but honestly I don’t care. This game does not resemble world of Warcraft at all. Faction war????? LOL. Having war mode on (this is anecdotal) I may have seen five alliance players on the way to 120. This game is garbage, hate to break it to you white knights

As much as I don't agree with much of the criticism, peeps have the right to their opinions, but posts like these are stupid. I have many friends that play WoW, all of them are enjoying the expansion just as much as I am, which is a lot. The game might be trash to you, but if it, explain why, as you have yet to give a reason why you don't like it, stop with the un needed negativity.
I actually love the expansion lots to do before the raid patch. My biggest prob is the scaling issues especially the ilvl scaling is horrid 7.5/10.

The Azerite Gear/System just seems odd. You get new gear but you cant get the most out of it unless your azerite level is high enough.

Leveling felt all kinds of messed up @ lvl 116+.

Story was decent but everything out right now if just too gated. I started Legion 6 months after it came out and I should have done that again.
5/10. There's just not a lot to do at the end game and the artifact necklace system frankly sucks. It feels like they took Legion and nerfed all the fun out of it.
Thinking 9? I am enjoying it much more than expected. Even some of my initial concerns like the slower rotation haven't really been an issue - gives me chances to use buttons I never bothered with when I could spam keg smash and breath of fire over and over. The stories have been amazing and so many cool cinematics... I am having a blast.
08/19/2018 10:39 PMPosted by Presumption
5/10. There's just not a lot to do at the end game and the artifact necklace system frankly sucks. It feels like they took Legion and nerfed all the fun out of it.
Hmmm... strange how one person can feel there's nothing to do, while here I sit feeling like I can't get to everything I want to do! :D

Does not look like you have done much, unless this is an alt (I haven't found time for alts yet). Do some WQs for gear so you can start heroics, then eventually do all the mythic dungeons at least once each week! That way you will be geared for raiding when it starts. Also finish your war campaign to unlock new events and dungeons. And level your professions! That involves quests that will send you off exploring obscure corners of these new islands. And speaking of islands, try to do at least 3 island expeditions each week for AP. SO much to do, and only 1 day left before weekly reset!
what is bfa
6/10 so far.

Zones - Best Blizzard has ever made in terms of music, design, visuals and story.

Dungeons - Some of the best we've seen. The stand out easily being Waycrest Manor.

Classic design - An absolute failure. We feel weaker then we did at the start of the last expansion and have only lost. We haven't gained anything from 100-120.

Theres also the issue of the world scaling. Mobs scaling with the player make your sense of progression meaningless.

Now for doing mythic raids you'll barely feel any different in the open world and in PVP then when you first hit 120. That's an absolute disgrace in a gear driven MMO.

With everything scaling there is zero reason to do anything other farm world quest gear.
World quests are noticeably designed to take significantly more time than in legion.
The Outside World scaling based on your item level is disgusting and makes it feel like you're not progressing at all, I think I actually might have killed monsters faster when I initially hit 120 than I do at 335ilvl.
Dungeons have an extreme amount of trash.
Dungeons have so many packs with multiple monsters requiring constant interrupts. Mythics weren't too difficult so it wasn't a big issue, but Mythic + is going to be massively unfun most likely because of the massive amounts of trash + them all requiring constant kicks.
The relative balance of difficulty between mythic dungeons is horrible. Some bosses and dungeons are so much more difficult than others, doesn't bode well for Mythic +, going to be a lot of dungeons that no one will ever want to run keys for unless they are reworked heavily.
Warmode is ruined by Disc Priests, unkillable without 3 DPS zerging them.
Annoying that I have constantly to take a flightmaster to the harbor to access key expansion features, why would you design the hode city in such at an awful manner.
Extreme time gating on every feature of the expansion, even worse than Legion. Pathetic behavior showing that they have no faith in people staying subscribed for more than a month because the game is actually fun, and are desperate to get the $15 from a second month in any way possible so they time gate everything.
Removal of secondary stats from 3 pieces of gear just makes classes less fun to play.
Awful camera angle issues in several dungeons.

Zones are good though, Legion zones were terrible. Leveling up was fun, Legion leveling was godawful. When you aren't slogging through extreme amounts of trash the dungeons are pretty cool. Island Expeditions have potential, but doing them with randoms is an awful experience 90% of the time, and they feel far too cluttered.

4/10, waiting on classic.
Upon hitting max level I would've given it a 5/10 simply because I absolutely hated playing Affliction as a fresh 120.

But it's amazing what 30-40 ilvl can do for you. So right now, considering the content, and how much there is to do, and I really like the dungeons, I'm going to give it an 8/10.

But this class has a ways to go.
8/10 so far!

Took points off really because I would have loved being involved/gotten to see the prepatch event even if I didn't get the mount.

I wish they didn't close it. I wanted to be there and see what went down, but I just lvled too slow. Ah well.
08/19/2018 11:26 PMPosted by Topramen
Warmode is ruined by Disc Priests, unkillable without 3 DPS zerging them.

I wouldn't say ruined, but I intentionally threw myself off a cliff yesterday while fighting one just to end it. Nothing I did mattered. Any other class I can go toe to toe with and maybe have a chance. I did a literal walk of shame to get away from that thing.
08/19/2018 06:56 PMPosted by Suhmyfuhdbeh
08/19/2018 06:52 PMPosted by Eilla
...To Blizzard - please do NOT relent on your stance on this.
If people want to have Allied Races, please make them continue to earn it just like your long-time paying and loyal customers had to do.
Instant gratification is a killer of everything, don't let WoW be dictated by this mindset - please.

Says the person hiding behind the avatar.

Xpac is garbage, literally legion 2.0. People love being fed the same bull!@#$ over and over.

Can’t wait for classic

"I hate this because it's similar to the last expansion, can't wait for the re-release of a 15 year old game though." Are vanilla fans really this dense?
Lag galor, AH that don't work, vendors that take forever to use, if at all. Having to figure out if everyone in my group is in warmode or not on overworld map. My server down on launch day, and constant issues since. Content is ok, but not amazing. Faction warfare is just what world pvp has always been, nothing new.
2/10 for the simple reason my main still ain't fixed and who knows if it ever will be right. ruined the expansion from the start. dungeons stink, just trash filled garbage that is harder than actually downing a boss. you can't enjoy the toon you like the most might as well just quit, ya shaman still suck blizz, thanks for ruining an expansion from the start.
7 I guess. At max level I just don't know what to do. Besides emissaries there isn't much.

There isn't even an archaeology mount.

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