No Flying for War Mode

War Mode and World PvP
08/20/2018 05:42 AMPosted by Creeks
Hi all,

I'd just like to kick off this idea by making a few notes as to why I think it would be better to keep flying out of War Mode.

The purpose of War Mode is to play WoW with "danger", a bit like how Vanilla felt, where mobs could overwhelm you, and a player could come out of nowhere at any moment.

1. Flying trivialises Player vs Environment

The environment is not dangerous if you simply fly over it. Mobs cannot attack you. Quests do not involve any effort or challenge.
This also applies to terrain, which can be used by a clever player to outwit his opponent, and is one of the key features of the game. Flying = no interaction with terrain.

2. Flying removes player interaction

The sky is so vast, with both the horizontal and vertical axis, it is rare if ever that you encounter another player in the sky. Flying is very fast, making it very hard to move around the game with friends, for objects to load, or for any other experience to occur with the zone.

3. Flying damages World PvP

Even with the Net-O-Matic, the way that World PvP unfolds in a non-flying zone compared to a flying zone is huge. With flying, players spend most of their gameplay hovering in the sky weighing the odds of their chance of surviviability upon landing. When players do dive in for a fight, the odds are heavily skewed, and fights are over in a matter of seconds. You have all experienced this, probably in Darkshore recently.

Players with flying possess a massive edge on players without, punishing casual PvPers.

Finally, flying not being available in War Mode does not prevent players from travelling to Stormwind/Orgrimmar to disable War Mode to fly around the game.

I won't go on any further at this point, but I really believe that War Mode gameplay will severely deteriorate upon the introduction of flying, and I think that there is a strong case against permitting it in War Mode.

Flying will ruin War Mode

As a mage, I detest this idea. You want to PvP? Lets land and settle it. All you're fighting for is an advantage for gankers.

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