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What Ilvl should u be to do mythics
It's entirely dependent on your group's ability. A full pug casual group should probably be no less than 325, everyone else 300+ and common sense.
I've had success and zero wipe runs with full PUG groups at 315.
As a healer I was 313. I invited DPS over 320 and a tank around 325+
08/20/2018 08:44 AMPosted by Zaraxo
What Ilvl should u be to do mythics

315 is a good threshold.
I know its possible at like 295ish but you won't have a good time lol.
310+ should be fine if you know what you are doing. Completed my first one with 315 and I invited people with the same ilvl.
I was told 320, but I imagine the safety range is 315-325.

If you know exactly what you're doing, and your group is okay with it, you can probably get away with lower.
I think they're tuned for a group average ~315, but most should be doable as low as 305.
Normally content is tuned around 15 iLvls below what it drops, so 325 would be ideal. However, it appears that people are doing them fine with lower iLvls. Lower still if it's a team that you're comfortable with.
I would say depends on the player.
If they want to be a quick dungeon then 320+ for Mythic 0
and it keeps going up with each keystone.
If you're just trying to find a group that would accept you so you can finish the SoB quest..then be like 310-15 and pray someone invites you.
325 is the recommended ilvl.
Echoing what others said.

305-310 is passable for some of the easier ones, but you might run into problems in some of the harder ones unless they're making up for the lack of gear with fairly exceptional (for a pug at least) skill.

If I was doing a World Tour with all pugs, I would aim to have the group be all 320.
If you mean in an organized group, maybe near/around the same as heroic. If you mean what level do you have to be before you get easily accepted to pugs, you'll probably need to be amongst the highest ilvl available for your role to get in quickly (and possibly be of a preferred class).
You can clear mythics in 280s
I started doing them at ~310
I've seen most groups ask for people at 305 to 315ish that's just my experience though and I can see people asking for higher.

Honestly they're very doable under 300 as long as you can follow mechanics and figure out some strats with your group.

08/20/2018 08:57 AMPosted by Awkward
If I was doing a World Tour with all pugs, I would aim to have the group be all 320.

I would ask for something similar if we were doing a World Tour. Some of the dungeons are a bit harder than the others and can be pretty challenging at lower ilvls but for the most part they're pretty doable and similar to the heroic counterparts in difficulty.
It depends. In a group with my heroic raiding guild horde side 3 of us were under 300, let we cleared mythic freehold with not many issues. If your in pugs, I'd say 315+ to be safe.
My Alt, a Death Knight, reached level 120 yesterday. Guild invited me to dps Mythic Motherload on it. My DPS was obviously under, but the properly geared DPS could easily carry it.

If you have the support network, you can jump right in to any dungeon.
I did two mythic dungeons the other day, MOTHERLODE and one of the troll dungeons. It was a full guild group, and my ilvl was 292.

We pretty much crushed both of them. We wiped a couple times to trash in the troll dungeon, but we never wiped to any of the bosses.

I can't speak for the ilvl of the rest of my guildies, but even with 292, I was doing competitive DPS with the rest of my guild, and we didn't have much difficulty at all. I had to resort to polymorphing a few trickier pulls, but that's about it.

They're totally doable pre-300 with an organized group of skilled players. I would DEFINITELY not recommend doing them at that level with pugs, though.

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