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Eitrigg and Shu'halo
Hello all,

<Jardogs> is a newer guild with right now with a strong core of 5 friends that have been playing World of Warcraft on and off ever since Burning Crusade. We decided during this expansion we could really push hard both in raids and mythic+. Therefore, we are recruiting to fill our raid team to be ready for Uldir. We plan on raiding 3 times a week around 8-11 cst, unsure of the days as of now. As of now the five of us are all over 335 item level and have cleared all mythics besides Siege both weeks. We will help in the gearing process if we realize the skill is there.

We truly believe due to the fact that Shu'halo is a low population server that we could be server first to clear Uldir in all difficulties. We also believe that our core 5 right now will be able to push some of the highest keys on the server. We are looking for more strong players to join us in our endeavor.

Hopefully you give us a shot, and be ready to demolish the content put in front of us in Battle for Azeroth!
Okay, we aren't competing for server first... yet. :)

But anyways, we have a really strong core group right now, pushing some top keys Horde side (Hopefully server when we find the time), and starting to progress through Uldir, 8 / 8N, 1 /8H. Our raid team only consists of around 9 competent players that have been playing for years, and we have to pug around half of our raid. We strongly need dps to round out our raid team. We will also consider other roles if proven, and will move tanks and healers to dps if needed, as these current players can play whatever role at a high level. Raid times are Tues/Thurs/Sun 8-11 CST (server time).

Our goal is to push high keys, progress far into raid, sprinkle in some PVP, and have loads of fun doing so.

My battle tag is Cheezmachine#1597 if you have any questions. Or you can catch me in-game on Ihatecha most days.

Edited Progress
Edited progress for G'Huun kill last night.

Still looking for healers/dps to fill out our core team!

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