5-6 ex mythic raiders looking for a home

Bleeding Hollow
Greetings all we are a group of friends that raided Mythic together in Legion. Our guild was on Hydraxis and we killed heroic Argus on 11/29/17 (World 110th). We pride ourselves on knowing our class and performance.

We are looking for a guild for Heroic Raiding, M+, and world PvP. We want to clear Heroic content and have fun.

our group is as follow:
DK Tank (pref)
Holy/Disc Priest
Monk (all roles)
DK (all roles)

As i do realize that adding this many people can change a raid group, we want to start playing with a new guild asap in order to build relationships and integrate into the new environment. Please add me aokiji1551#1128 so we can talk.
hey man, <Ad Nauseam> is recruiting. Alot of veteran players, looking for more good players to smash mythic +, and start farming the raid when it comes out to get into mythic. #Giff1766
If you're truly interested you can head to www.enclaveoilrig.com and post on our forums. Or just message me in game.

We have no interest in doing Mythic raids at the moment but heroics, M+ and World PvP are a thing we do.

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