Bloodwake Set

So with the new expansion I decided to flip through the appearance tab and found in plate a set called Bloodwake. I was curious on how to get it so I searched further and found no information on it currently, it is called the Bloodwake Island Set so I assume it's with one of the island expeditions, but I was wondering if anyone has any more information about this set, thanks in advance.

The lack of information here is somewhat disheartening. I'm also trying to get this for my warrior but I'd like to know if there's a better way to get it than grinding island expeditions and praying for the random drop. Especially given the apparently low drop rate and the fact that you only get a chance at the end of the expedition.

Does killing certain mobs increase the probability? Is it specific to a certain island? Inquiring minds want to know.
I don't have specific information on the drops, but keep checking your AH. All of the pieces are available.
They shoul dbe boe items that drop only from islands. As a poter above said you can also find them on the ah.
bloodwake set comes from the vrykul rare invasion mobs that use blood magic..

I know this because I got some bracers from said invasion.. however you gonna have to spin the slot machine many times since the more invasions they add the less chance you will have to get this invasion in particular..

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