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Recruiting All Roles - Normal & Heroic Raid Content - Hybrid Weekday/Weekend Schedule

<The Wicked> [Dalaran] is seeking awesome players who are interested in normal and heroic raiding! Our core group brings some fantastic players with experience in raid content from classic Warcraft through Legion. We are a pretty rockin’ group of (mostly) mature players with a progression mindset, who also have a strong belief that this should be fun and a hold the desire to maintain an active social environment.
Currently, all roles are open for the progression team, with healers and melee DPS on our most wanted list. One tank spot is open, just waiting to be filled by a suitable candidate! This role will be filled by an off-spec DPS as needed until the position is filled.
Our presently planned raid times are:
Progression: Tuesday & Saturday - 9pm to midnight server (US-EST)
Casual: Thursday & Sunday - 9pm to midnight server (US-EST)
Progression group spots require availability for both nights and casual spots are on a first come, first invited basis. Raid leadership of both groups will be coordinated and managed by the Raid Leader and/or Raid Officers, with the intention that both groups will progress as quickly and as far as possible. Our Raid Leader has experience as a server-first raider during The Burning Crusade, most recent experience as a Legion raider, and has successfully carried us to victory against Argus to earn the “Glory of the Argus Raider” achievement.
If you feel this might be the place for you, feel free to send a battle.net [battle.net] request - Ziyx#1116 or InkdNerdling#1708 - or make contact in-game to set up a chat about joining our spectacular team!
Bnet request sent. Look forward to talking with you!
08/24/2018 08:17 AMPosted by Honaw
Bnet request sent. Look forward to talking with you!

Me as well
I do think you for offer and would loved to take by your days i cant make only one,my work is sun mon tues wed off thur fri sat if was thur with sat yes

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