BFA Crafting is a waste of time.

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Apparently leatherworkers can make some pretty sick pants and boots I could use. I haven't looked into it.
The word "Crafting" didn't need to be in there.
BFA is such a joke.

only thing that needs to happen is change the way you get hydrocore.
08/29/2018 03:23 PMPosted by Hipsterdufus
08/29/2018 03:09 PMPosted by Easybreezy

how do you get the hydrocores?

From mythic dungeon bosses.

The irony lol

That's a total waste I won't need them with warfronts. Not going to bother crafting the gear, I don't even craft bags I just scrap my quest loot and sell the materials they sell for way more than the finished product anyway.
It seems like Blizzard is slowly getting rid of the RPG aspects of the game. Weapon skills and now professions come to mind.

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