(H) Weekly Tavern-crawl, The Zacalo New day

Wyrmrest Accord
after that just come on over and lets troll it up!!!

(Horde; Non-warmode) hosted by "the trolls of Azeroth" discord, recurring every Friday Open Tavern-Crawl 5:15 PM Server (8:15 PM EST) in Zocalo for all to join! The Pubs in question will be: "The Hot Tea House" and "The Drunken Drummer". With the phasing going on, contact my toon "Lindorluz" on WrA for an invite! All members will be promoted to Raid Assist so you may accept invites as well as invite others. The more the merrier!.

Directions: The zocalo is top left when your looking at Daz'Alor City map and the bars are about half way up that little rectangular strip across from each other. The tea house is on the right and the drummer on the left.
tavern crawl started I'm out front of the hot house see ya'll there
still at the hot house if anyone still wants to join us. lets make the new zones populated with rp.
Great event last night!!! Thanks to all that came by and stayed till the end. and thats to the "trolls of azeroth" discord community for helping me out with this, the link to there discord will be bellow. bookmark this page for i will be updating the main post every week!! lets get this new zone rp train ROLLIN!!!!!!

Main title updated, with NEW date and same time.
its a new week!!!!! lets start this right. !! join the "Trolls of azeroth" community and grab a drink this thursday. body will be updated with time until this becomes consistent.
Yippee! Some of my lads went last week and said it was great :D
09/04/2018 09:29 AMPosted by Rasks
Yippee! Some of my lads went last week and said it was great :D

im glad you all had a good time. until the phasing is gone there will be a raid group going on. everyone thats in the raid group can invite and accept "suggested" invites so. just message this toon in game or join and message in the "trolls of Azeroth" discord for an invite to the event.
Couldn't make it last week but I plan on attending tomorrow.
09/05/2018 02:49 AMPosted by Tamanii
Couldn't make it last week but I plan on attending tomorrow.

yay!!! it'll be great to see some goblins this time around
Today's the day!!! come on down and grab a drink, info above. message this toon for an invite if you dont see anyone there. or ask to join by right clicking my name if you see me.
Troll tavern started drop on by
okay, event doesn't look like its gonna get any better. I'm callin it for this week. maybe next week will be better!!!
Dang, I guess I just missed it. Better luck next time! Sorry I couldn't make it!
09/06/2018 08:42 PMPosted by Liodred
thanx ;-)

well another night, was quite dead and my cat decided to knock his whole litter box all over the floor so yours truly had to go clean it up, ugh smh lol. Anyways, was to be expected to be honest. Pushed back forward the time by an hour. its now 5:15 server (8:15 east coast) just to see if its the time that needs to be adjusted. hope to see you all there next week
Body has been updated with new time. Hopefully this might work out better. Hope to see you all there next week
Another day, another week thank the Loa for another Thirsty Thursday tavern night this week. Everything should be updated (really only the dates and maybe the time but only +/- an hour tbh but i'll be hosting this every thursday lol)

as stated above Level 1's can make it to the event. just take the boat or ask a mage ofor a portal and walk on over to the "hot house". So come join me and lets fill up that bar with as many trolls as we can
I love your enthusiasm, I wish I could go to these. ^^;
Seems every event that is held during the week conflicts with my job.

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