[H] Obsidia LF raiders and new friends in BFA

Guild Recruitment
Obsidia is a small longtime semi casual raiding guild on U.S. Horde Silvermoon. We are focused on heroic raiding, Mythic + and general fun shenanigans. We are also hoping to dabble in a bit of world PVP and BGs.

We are looking to expand for BFA and are hoping to find a few new friends to call Obsidia their home. There are no applications or guild spam. We prefer to connect personally with you to ensure we are compatible as we value all of our players individually and do not wish to waste each other's time.

If you are interested in a permanent place to belong whether a returning player, veteran, a couple, friends that like to play together and have fun or the new player wanting a home to learn, grow and experience more with laid back individuals feel free to add one of the following battle tags and we'll talk more! Good luck with your search and thank you for your time!

Raid times: Wed-Thurs 7pm PST-10pm PST

Phury#1660 and Döm#1262
Hey Phury commented on a post that i made looking for a guild and I'm interested in joining your guild.
Just a few things. I get off work at 10pm est and sometimes a little later than that on Wednesdays so I would be late pretty often, would this be alright? Also I was wondering what your raid comp looks like so far.
I plan on playing a frost mage or ret pally in bfa but i can play a few other classes too
hey phurry I just added you on bnet, im super interested in healing for you guys and would love to talk more
Thanks for the replies guys! Have added you and look forward to chatting!
BFA LAUNCH DAY!! Still looking for more! :)
Still recruiting! Come join us!
Still looking!
How are you on tanks?
Hi Hayek!
We do still have a tank spot open if you are interested.
08/23/2018 10:22 AMPosted by Phury
Hi Hayek!
We do still have a tank spot open if you are interested.

Awesome, bnet me: Reznor#1842, let's talk! Your hours and days seem like they would work for me.
Hi guys, just getting back to WoW after not playing for quite some time. Never really got any characters up too high (maybe one in the 40’s back in the early days on a previous account) and now I’m hoping to start new with a group that’s open to casual players.

I’d be re-rolling to power through the lower levels, then most likely make the jump to BfA. I’m on the East Coast but I’m mostly gaming after 10pm here.

My tag is Deadline#11768
Hey Dom/Phury. I'd love to talk a bit when you have time. I sent you each a bnet request.
Added :)
Still filling positions!
I might have to message you guys when I get on again in a few hours.

7pm PST weeknights on a well balanced server (checked realmpop 40/60 faction ratio), - that's right in my desired times.

You looking for DPS, Healers, Tanks, or any/all?

I sent battle-tag requests to the two tags in the OP. :)

- Historically I've been a tank / healer and never liked elves or cared for hunter... So naturally I chose to main a blood elf survival hunter this time around (and have found it to actually be perfectly to my liking).

Here's what I was raiding with in the very last tier of last xPac:
(my horde guild had kinda dried up, so I raided Alliance for a bit).
- used a Monk, DK, and Paladin in the same tier also, and the Horde monk 'here and there' in earlier tiers as my old guild kept starting and stopping raiding.
(if you want to dig into ancient past... I started raiding in BC in Kara on a tauren resto-druid that I made in the last days of classic).
Spots still available!
Still filling spots! Come join the fun! :)
Spots still available!
Hi, I sent you both bnet requests. I'm quite interested. Thanks!

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