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So I'm a Huojin Monk. I'm replaying through some of the content I missed in MoP, and I went into an inn tonight where there were several Tushui Pandaren. I greet them in Pandaren, and the replies from all of them were "Om nom om nom" and things like that. I've asked friends if Pandaren could cross faction talk to one another, and they've told me that while they couldn't initially do it, they were able to cross faction talk during Legion, with other Pandaren. So is it a function that was taken away from the Pandaren race for BfA? Or did the Tushui Pandaren inn understand what I was saying, and were manually typing in "nom" answers just to screw with me?
They still can.

All Pandaren can speak Pandaren, and learn either Orcish or Common. If you set your language to Pandaren, they will be able to understand you. They must also set their language to Pandaren for you to be able to understand them.

...I've talked cross faction, as a Pandaren to other Pandaren as recently as 7.3.5
You can do this with the Void Elves and Blood Elves as well! :D
08/11/2018 11:41 PMPosted by Aragost
You can do this with the Void Elves and Blood Elves as well! :D

The unfortunate downside of rolling a void elf

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