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Blackwater Raiders and Shadow Council
Hello! My husband and I used to be pretty active players and recently came back to the game. We had our own guild and developed some really great friendships. Now that we are playing again, we would really like to recruit some new members. We are very casual and we take our time leveling to enjoy the storylines. We are not high pressured. We prefer playing with adults who are mature and can enjoy casual funny adult conversation. We see the game as a escape from our real world drama to unwind. We are blackwater. Feel free to send me a message in game since I play way more than my husband lol.
I'm looking to get back in to playing regularly and would be interested in playing with your guild. I miss the days of being in a small guild where everyone played for fun.
Was a long time raider on BWR and have long since retired (back in the Wrath days). Work and night classes consume a lot of my time nowadays but would be open to doing something more casual. I'll look for ya out in Azeroth... ;-)
Looked for you guys the past couple days with no luck. Shoot me an in game message, looking to link up with yall.

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