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So as the title said, I'm looking for a Heroic/Mythic prog guild. I have raided Mythic in WoD as a hunter but skipped Legion altogether.

I currently main Boomkin but I'd happily switch to Warrior (any spec). My plan was to play warrior but the guild I was in was full on melee so uh, yeah.

I'm available Friday through Tuesday from like 00:30 to 4:00 AM or all day/night Wednesday and Thursday. It might change (for the better) at some point but rn I'm in a bit of a pickle schedule wise (that being said, I'm always 100% attendance unless like I die or something).

I'm looking for a guild that is serious about progression.
(H)Zul'jin <Against Humanity> Heroic/Mythic Raiding
<Against Humanity> Leadership is made up of players that have been playing & raiding since vanilla. The guild itself is 99% adults’ players looking to have fun but not waste time.
If your easily offended or looking for a free ride please do not join.

Raid Days and Times
Wednesday Thursday 9:30pm-12:30pm
We may add a third day when we start mythic content for any new mechanics.

We are recruiting Ranged DPS & A Holy Paladin. However, Casuals are welcome to join to.
Shadow priest
Elemental Shamans
for Heroic, Mythic Raiding and Mythic pluses

Looking to Build a RBG's team as well.

Guild Requirements / Rules
Guild rules are to respect each other help each other get better or fix things.
Understand that all decisions are intended to do what’s best for the guild / raid team.
DBM or Bigwigs
90% raid attendance: However, we know real life sometimes comes first just be in Contact if you are going to miss time or something.

IF you made it this far please contact any one of us in game or real ID to join or if you have any questions.
Toastedfel Real ID Sayosen#11204
Vashon or Serbesa Real ID swiftc28#1571
Felcora Real ID Valcora#1970
<The Trap House> is now recruiting for BFA! We have a solid group of raiders to clear new content as a team. We are currently looking for Healers/DPS. Daily Mythic+ guild PVP . Guild Repairs for raiders and other perks. Active Discord. Officers to Contact:Jared#1402, Improper#1984

Raid times:
Monday-8:00PM-11:00PM Eastern
Tuesday-8:00PM-11:00PM Eastern
We are a group of returning high level raiders, who are taking a more casual approach this time around. We are looking for like minded players who want to down mythic content, but in a fun relaxed environment. Our raid times will be Fri-Sat 9-12 EST.

Recruitment Needs:

Tank: Closed: Back-Up tanks needed however, and dps who can tank will be giving priority in recruitment.


Melee: Hunter, Deathknight, Monk

Ranged: Druid, Shaman, Priest, Hunter

Shaman, Priest, Paladin

If your role is not listed above feel free to contact us anyway. Especially it being the beginning of a new expansion spots are always open!

What you'll be signing up for:
You will be part of a guild who values the fun the game offers over everything else. We value our friendships, and the fun we have while raiding. Do not let our laid back attitude dissuade you, as we still value progressing, and moving forward in raid tiers. You will also have the opportunity to be a part of a community that extends outside of raid times, including arena, bgs, other games (such as Overwatch and League of Legends), to just hanging out in discord.

If you would like to be a part of our community and blow up pixels for digital clothes/weapons, contact anyone below!

Bullstizz: GM

Drunkndonut: Recruitment Officer

Myostatin: Officer
Hooligans - Raiding, PvP, Social fun guild:

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