Companion App Crashing on resource filtering

Mobile Bug Report
When I'm logged into the WoW Companion App and navigate to the world quest filtering options the game closes after a brief pause.
Application doesn't crash as it still remains active in the system tray; however the application does minimize and I'm forced to log back in.
Upon logging back in, character says its already logged in. (this may be another bug entirely)
To negate the character already logged in, I have to log into another character; then log back into the main character.

Device information:
    Model: Samsung Galaxy S7 standard (not edge) [model number: SM-G930W8]
    Android Version: Nougat 7.0
I have the same issue on my iPhone 7 Plus with iOS 11.4.1
Can confirm bug on iPhone 8 and iOS 11.4.1
Thanks for the reports all. I will see what I can do in tracking down crash logs for these issues. I will update when we have any information.
Can confirm I have this issue on an iPhone 7 Plus running ios12. When I filter to equipment WQs, app minimizes, can’t log into the app for about five minutes thereafter as it says I am “already logged in”.

Edit: can confirm this happens on my iPad as well. Also running iOS12 on that device.

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