What will you miss from modern WoW?

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I'll miss nothing because I stopped playing midway through WoD because it was just awful and didn't even feel like an RPG anymore. I understand it's worse now and most of the stuff I've been reading on the Web says this new expansion is dead in the water after a month.

So, I guess I'll miss the fail, but that's it.
Transmog. I really loved the way I was able to make some of my characters look before the new models came out and f***ed up the textures.

I wouldn't put it in if I could, but I might miss it a little :)
Arena. But I'm okay with giving it up.

Clownsuits were present in Vanilla too. And more than a decade being able to customize your looks will take its toll and is probably the reason why I probably won't last long playing classic.

Also non-hunched orcs :(
I will miss:

Current Gnome Models. (Classic are OK)
Current Orc Models (Classic are OK)
Current Dwarf Models (Classic females are trash)
Current Tauren Models (Classic females are trash).

The ability to MOVE CHARACTERS on character select screen.
08/27/2018 04:44 PMPosted by Zarennareyn
Graphics and animations.

Graphics because they don't really affect gameplay and the core philosophy of the game and animations for the very same reason!

Vanilla graphics look great on modern systems. New animations look awful when you compare them to vanillas. Have you seen some races new cast animations? Looks like i'm throwing up jazz hands while casting on my undead.

Wait, seriously? Do you remember back in vanilla there was no shadows but only a dark circle beneath your character?
Ill Miss Wrath when they added Inscription and it was fun.
BC and the blood elf lore as i enjoyed them in TFT
The Large bags
Iron boot flask
A few of the novelty items theyve added over the years are cool.
Some more: Uldum, horde side DKs, Crusader Strike, BfA arcane mage.
I'll miss my monk.... But its gone to crap since class launch in MoP....
09/28/2018 10:59 AMPosted by Kanstilxd
I'll miss my monk.... But its gone to crap since class launch in MoP....

I'd say since the end of MoP. The WoD and Legion versions were just garbage and from reading the forum BfA isn't much, if any, better...
Literally only Ghostlands. Not Blood Elves or Eversong, just Ghostlands.
Heroism on Alliance...
Being able to mount while in Moonkin form.

Uh...that's all I got.
Being able to loot bosses.
That is what I will miss most.
Being able to join a bg from wherever on the map
- Bulk loot, giant stacks for mats, bag size, REAGENT BANK (can you tell I'm a hoarder)
- A bunch of the guild perks
- Group finder (though I preferred the old /lfg version that for some reason nobody ever used)
- The Dalaran Hearthstone and the many conveniences it affords
- The portal in the Blasted Lands actually leading somewhere; ditto for all the other unfinished content
Nothing really because everything I do miss was taken away for class balance so really I'm getting things back.
All the hand holding (like flashing arrows telling you where to go) and creature comforts (like joining a raid without stepping out of a single door).

Just kidding.

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