Don't roll a druid in BFA

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... but, I'm so close to 120! XD <3
dont roll prot warrior either, youʻll regret it
I main a balance Druid and I’m fine. In my last dungeon run I was only 2% point off from the top dps which was a WW Monk so that felt good. Haven’t had a problem with my boomie whatsoever.
I agree that Feral is ... lackluster at best (low haste really hurts).

Guardian however, my guild loved running with me. I keep threat well and I'm, apparently, easier to heal than my Veng DH who is = ilvl (336).
08/25/2018 11:14 PMPosted by Hamstar
I would say the same thing about hunters unless you want to go survival, but then why not do a ret paladin?
To be fair, survival feels way better than ret imho and having both.
Counterpoint: I like my Druid.

Tuning is temporary. Turning into a kitty is forever.
08/25/2018 11:12 PMPosted by Almeria
Just check out the Druid forums.

Everything is under-performing on a significant level, Not even worth the time leveling.
In PvP maybe, but my Balance Druid is having zero problems wiping PvE maps clear of everything other than a couple of those world bosses that are clearly designed for a group of players to handle.
Ive not any any problem whatsoever playing my Druid in balance spec so far.
08/26/2018 05:37 AMPosted by Daladoren
I think it really depends on what content you like to do. If you are a casual than it probably isn't going to be that big of a deal. If the highest level content you do is LFR and the occasional Mythic dungeon then there's no reason to worry so much.
which is a good point.
If Blizzard is going to make one class do so much damage over others, then it only makes logical sense for EVERYONE to play that ONE class at the very top of the DPS totem.
Playing anything else would be kinda goofy if beating the boss as quickly as possible is the goal.
the classes need to be more balanced so that its possible to get the same DPS if you play them right as any other class so that ALL of the classes are viable.
I don't know what spec, but I was having a problem with one subtype of mob that was shredding my pet like tissue paper during a WQ so I was taking it slow.

Some druid came in and pulled like, 6 of them and tore through them in 30 seconds. All while finishing with full HP.

Whatever spec that was, I seriously contemplated rerolling and being a Druid.
Who cares how it's performing? I want to play a lizard cat!
Theres also no fantasy as a bear anymore. No extra health. No absorbing damage. Sure you look cool. Thats it though. Nothing new.
When I tank as Guardian - it works, but it feels rough. More work to stay alive- GCDs make me more on edge. DKs and Pallys seems to be much better. I wish we had a touch more self healing.

When I heal as resto - it works, but it feels rough. I dont have the "mmph", the punch, the burst. Tranq and Incarnation can do it once every 2 minutes or so- but that is a big gap.

We need a baseline prosperity to help with that, or a rework to regrowths instant heal output. Or a buff to wild growth.

We just lack that ability to refill bars on command like every other healer. I suppose its the... nature... of HoTs.

I haven't even tried a DPS spec in a dungeon. I believe the tears though.

Yet, I still like the druid. I am hoping things get better in a raid setting. Maybe we will have our niche there as raid healers.
Have loved my druid since launch.

That said bear and boomer are in an ok place.

Kitty can be a challenge.
oh really? then tell me how I am supposed to kill good feral druid in pvp, especially as a mage? feral druids in pvp are OP and broken and everyone knows it
Druid was my main when it was one of the least played classes.

It's going to stay my main.

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