It's time they acknowledged Warmode is a failure...

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The idea was innovative, I'll give you that, but it doesn't work because it doesn't address the core problem of wpvp.

The core problem is there are overwhelmingly more Horde players than Alliance players.

I'd really like you guys to stop lying to the player base about this fact because it's pretty obvious to us. We know it. You know we know it. You most certainly know it because of your internal metrics.

The only way to fix this problem is to force Horde overflow into their own empty shards. If this goes on long enough a good chunk will roll Alliance just to have opponents.

Your only other options are even more draconian: ala the forced merger of realms or the forced reroll of characters. I dont see how you're going to turn the demographic tide otherwise.

As it stands the only way to actually play the game as Alliance is to turn warmode off and that's a vicious and self-perpetuating cycle.
The only time I have ever got swamped in warmode was while playing horde and getting zerged by Alliance again and again.
Alliance players are cowards. Blizzard Can't fix that
Every time I look at a wow pop estimate it shows slightly more ally players than Horde, so I don't know why the insistence that there are more Horde players.

Perhaps there are more Horde players willing to pvp, though. I don't know. I'm not one of them.
It's far from a failure regardless on what your opinions thinks.

Does it have some issues though? Yes of course, it could definitely be improved on.

Those issues have yet to make it fail though so stop spewing false garbage.
War mode is worth leveling with, nothing else.
This just in: War happened in war mode. More at 11.
"War Mode is a failure because I die a lot. This is totally an objective fact."
I stated this "fact," it must be true. You know it. I know it. They know it. They know that we know it. We know that they know that we know it. They know that we know that they know that we know it.
Look at all the Horde who don't think it's a problem. Shocker.
world pvp in wow always is.
Warmode is the best feature to be added to the game since rated bgs in cata. It is rather pathetic how limp wristed the horde is when they don't have a zerg raid backing them up though.
08/27/2018 05:53 PMPosted by Eregar
Alliance players are cowards. Blizzard Can't fix that

08/27/2018 05:53 PMPosted by Eregar
Alliance players are cowards. Blizzard Can't fix that

I never get gang beat while playing my horde toons. Almost always on my alliance. That’s neither here nor there but (horde are the cowards)

That said, the door swings both ways OP.
I’ve seen the horde take it as much as they give it. Hell as soon as I see a bounty I’m on my way to it. Don’t care if I’m outnumbered. It never stays that way for long and I’ll be damned if I’m missing out on a bounty bag.
Warmode is a great feature to this game but if it’s not working for you then you just need to turn it off. That option is always yours.
Warmode is a failure b/c it removed the tension from playing. In argus, there was always a light tension when ally and horde would share a boss. Is someone gonna start ganking? Before or after the boss is dead? Then one person would start something, crazy pvp would happened between everyone then we'd all go off to the next world boss.

After the first two days of having WQs being non-stopped camped by raid groups of 5+, I turned it off. I loved WPVP, or at least what it used to be, but the rewards aren't worth it and, at least on my server, its always a 1/2v8 for either one side or the other. I turned it off and it made doing rep and WQs so much easier, but I will say it's a ton more boring. I liked the old wpvp
Another attempt by General Discussion to ruin a word.

Today's word is: Failure.

Proper context: This thread is a failure.
I mean guys. HE is not wrong. Its even confirmed by blues that theres an incredibly overabundance of horde in warmode compared to alliance. And any fight beyond 1v2 is instantly lost. There is no way for someone to 1v3, not even if overgeared.
Thus, it IS a self-perpetuating vicious cycle that alliance see this in warmode, turn it off and never turn it on again unless to enter into a specifically designed raid group to harass horde.

The only way to resolve this is either to bring back Wintergrasp Buff, which would be insanely fun or simply buff alliance racials to not only be comparable but objectively better than horde. Then all the tryhards will faction change and that will probably be more balanced than what we have now.

This is not an opinion, this is actually happening in the game right now. You may want to disagree but its the truth.
08/27/2018 05:53 PMPosted by Eregar
Alliance players are cowards. Blizzard Can't fix that
pretty much this, there's just as many alliance as there are horde players usualy, the problem is that we use it more for its benefits instead of pvp.
08/27/2018 05:51 PMPosted by Worgheart
If this goes on long enough a good chunk will roll Alliance just to have opponents.

More money for Blizz. just what they want. Working as intended.
Eh its really enjoyable but i can already see how the issue is going to propagate itself as time goes on. The fix on paper is easy, but implementing is would be more difficult. Simply shard entire zones based on population to keep a even or roughly even number sharded with one another. I mean yeah its gonna suck if you are looking for a fight and cant find one, but its better then 3v1 ratio.

That said i dont think its a failure, i think it has some problems, but not a failure, still have not turned it off since launch.

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