{H} Heroic Raid Team - Tank. Healer. DPS.

I organize a 1-night a week Normal/Heroic raid team. There's no guild requirement, because there... is no guild, because we don't want the hassle of running a guild. Instead, we run a community!

In Legion we built our team by being Cross-Realm friendly. Having a relaxed atmosphere and a raid leader with ten-years of experience managing large and small scale raids, we completed Legion raid tiers with AOTCs and achievement mounts. With BFA, we aim to continue this success.

ilevel min. 360
Wed 9pmEST - Midnight
N 8/8 | H 5/8

1 Tank (non-warrior class)
1 Healer (Monk/Shaman/Pally)
DPS of all classes/specs

If interested please leave your Btag below or add mine: MooingDruid#1737

Thanks for your interest and Happy Raiding
Only a few. A FEW. Spots remain available for 1 Hybrid class player who can both DPS and off-heal. As well as a warlock or two and a mage.
Raiding Tomorrow!
Fresh raid starts tomorrow! Fun group. Good group. You come join. Just Btag me: MooingDruid#1737
We're still looking for that regular tank to raid with us casually, every Wednesday. Contact me via Btag today: MooingDruid#1737
Seeking reliable raiders for weekly 1 nite raid.
Still seeking able, reliable raiders.
I would be interested. Radcaat#1971

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