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Need a new PC ASAP since mine crapped the bed. Right before the expansion, ugh. Can I get some help and advice. I am limited on funds. I have a Fingerhut account and buying a prebuilt machine from them is really my only option at this point. My max dollar figure is $999.

Here is what I am finding

I have an SSD and a Geforce GTX 970 I can use with one of these. Having these components, what is my best bet with this shop? I know it's prebuilt and I can get a better deal if I build my own but I don't have the cash to plunk down. Prebuilt from this shop is my only option. Please help me out. Thanks!

I was thinking about this one. Will the CPU be okay?

There are 2 similar. Difference being the CPUs.

AMD FX-4300 Vishera Quad-Core 3.8 GHz Socket AM3+ (BELOW)
AMD FX-6300 Vishera 6-Core 3.5 GHz Socket AM3+ (BELOW)

Does anyone see a better option on that website for less than $999? Please halp!
Use PC part picker and select PC parts, just google it and you'll find it.
It'll find the parts you're looking for from the cheapest retailer.

There's 1000s of easy to follow guides on youtube on how to build PCs, even one of a 4 year old teaching you how to build a high end gaming computer if you need a bit of a confidence (or competence) boost in that perspective.

Check out the Dolphin build, as it comes in at $931 dollars.
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Can't afford to buy parts and build unfortunately. But thanks guys.
I need some help. We just moved. My PC crapped the bed. My wife and I lost a ton of stuff. Our anniversary is coming and we just want to play the expansion together. I know this website is limited in PC gaming product but it's our only option. For less than $999 (and having an SSD and GTX 970 4GB on hand) what is my best option from this website? I have been considering this:
I'm not the best when it comes to choosing builds but tbh if you have a 970 on hand I would just pick which build has the best reviewed processor.
All of them except the $999.99 one have the same FX-4300 processor and 8GB DDR3 (I’m guessing the same mobo, as well.) Since that’s all you’re really shopping for, get the cheapest one (as you won’t benefit much from the 8-core threading of the FX-8300 in WoW.)

I looked around the site without specifying “gaming desktop” to see what you could shave off by eliminating the neon, but there isn’t much selection, and it’s all a little price-heavy.
Checks calendar...4 days! Doesn't seem like your going to have a PC in time for BFA there. But don't worry I'll play for the both of us you have my word.
My daughter bought a laptop from fingerhut.. it's an HP it arrived in a non working state.. she has been trying to get this thing replaced for the last 6 months. getting the run around from both FH and HP. so buyer beware. if you can possibly get credit (if that's the only option) from someone else i'd do so.

Also have you figured out why your old one just stopped working? it may just be a simple fix like a power supply or needs a new processor.
There is one with the 3.8GHz AMD FX-4300 quad-core processor and one with 3.5GHz AMD FX-6300 six-core processor with 8MB L3 cache. Should I go with the 6300 or is the 4300 sufficient?
Figure out what parts crapped out on your computer and replace them.
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There is one with the 3.8GHz AMD FX-4300 quad-core processor and one with 3.5GHz AMD FX-6300 six-core processor with 8MB L3 cache. Should I go with the 6300 or is the 4300 sufficient?

That is a very old processor... Paying $700 for that prebuilt is a complete ripoff.
DX12 is now enabled. this will put even more stress on entry level computers. you mentioned you have a ssd and 970. i suggest looking for a MB or what ever item died on your old box. pre builts often have a video card as part of the package. buying a pre built without one, the power supply may not be robust enough to power your video card.

AMD and Nvidia products do NOT play well together. you are willing to spend 1000$. really suggest replacing what died (buy used) and saving up 2000$ to get a top end desk top.

my hobby is video games, so i saved and built a desk top to run a 4k system once they dropped to a reasonable price (not yet and it's been 3 years). EVGA 1080 TI FTW 3, intel i7, asus x-99 (many versions out now), corsair 4x4 ram, windowed case, 1200watt PS and water cooler and 6 replacement noctua fans. stock corsair fans are really quiet but the 20$ each noctua fans are silent. sanyo 125g nvme HD. the "m.2" attach directly to the mb and so are not limited to SATA data transfer speeds. and lastly windows 10 pro.

you could save 120$ on fans and 200$ or so on a different pairing of chip set and MB. 800$ by using your 970 and 120$ using your ssd. 40$ on a 750 watt ps versus 1200. would not cut out the chip set water cooler. ram prices vary so much just by corsair, let alone other makers. if you get a dual core mb, 2 8g ram and if a quad core 4 4g ram. more then 16g of ram is over kill for video games.

round numbers costs: 500 chip set and mb, 110 chip set water cooler, 160 for ram, 75 for ps, 125 for new os, 175 for case, 20 for cd player. your old ssd and 970 and maybe your current os no cost. total: 1045 or 1170 needing a new os. so close to your budget and maybe a lot less depending on what died.

as far as monitors go, 27" ips panel versus tn gives a much nicer image. i have used asus rogswift 27" 144hz tn panel, asus rogswift PG27g 165hz ips panel and a 50" sanyo 4k tv. the gsync monitors paired with your 970 eliminates virtually all jaggies, tearing and AA needs. again, Nvidia and AMD do NOT play well together.

yes, rogswift is asus premium brand, but there are many other monitors out there cheaper and almost as nice. my parents were just fine watching tv and movies with what ever sound and picture they got from the tv. my hobby is audio and video so i saved and got what i thought was the best available. by the time I and you save 1000$ or more (my "more" was closer to 3200$ with monitor), reviews will be in and you can purchase PROVEN products.

so: replace what died from amazon. save your dollars for the system you want. easy enough to read reviews of what you are interested in and buy a system that should last for 10 years or more.
repost this to /r/buildapc
Send me $200 and I'll replace some parts. Otherwise, it's gonna have to be credit at this shop.
I know you said you don't have the money to build a PC outside of that site but $1k is enough to build a SOLID rig. Putting $1K on credit at that site which appears to sell over priced products is not a good decision financially.
If you're dead-set on spending the money at Fingerhut (it's where you have the credit, I get it) get the cheapest one that will run the game adequately. I didn't look at all the options but going from this thread they're all roughly the same amount of bad at different price-points. You know you're not going to get top-performance no matter what you buy, so go minimum until you're able to upgrade in a more financially sound manner.
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