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Emerald Dream
OP updated with times, current progression, and current needs.

We're looking for 5 people to complete our core team!
This needs attention
The 20 man raid team is almost complete! As of now we are 3 DPS short of a full main team. If you are a DPS and like what you see here, give us a call!

Once the team is full please do not like that discourage anyone else from showing interest. We will always accept people who are willing to be backup raiders.

We also offer mythic+ pushes, RBG's (soon), and have several members that love to push rating in arenas. We are home to several 2k+ exp players.

Or if you are just looking for a chill place to crash and run things when you can, we have a place for you!
Looking for a late night progression guild that priorities in all content. I am currently looking for a guild that will be doing Heroic and Mythic Uldir As well as Rated battlegrounds daily.

Available times
Mon-Wed 8pm - 4am
Friday-Sat 5pm - 4am

355ilvl ret
(PvE Progression) 8/8N 2/8H
(PvP Progression) 1710 in 2v2 and 1712 in 3v3 (still haven't found a group to do rbg's yet so 0 rating for that)

My goal is to be active and helpful to a guild that runs progression as a group actively.

Message me in game thanks.
This needs attention
Come hangout with us!

Discord: TZm287t

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