[H] Norma Duos recruiting for heroic raiding

Burning Blade, Lightning's Blade, and Onyxia
Hello and thanks for your interest in our guild!!

What We Are

Norma Duos is a Horde pve adult (most raiders are 20-35) raiding guild on Burning Blade, Lightnings Blade and Onyxia. We are a bunch of players that stared raiding together in WOD, raided together in legion, and are starting back up for this expansion. As a group we are fairly laid back and like to have fun while raiding. We are looking for a few players to get our raid team started up. We plan on clearing heroic raids.

Raid Times

•Raid Times will be Tuesday and Thursday starting at 9 pm EST and ending at Midnight

What We Are Looking For

•Currently we are in need of a healer and dps to fill out our core raid group
•We want raiders who know their class and spec
•We expect raiders to know the fights before raid times because we will not have the time to explain every fight
•We want mature players that have the drive to not give up.

Where We Are Now

If you have any questions or would like to join you can leave a message here or talk to the GM (Buttup#1544) or one of our officers (Adramoleck#1999) in game. Thanks again!

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