Killing General Jakra'zet in Vol questline

What's the trick with this guy? Have been killed 5 times now on this quest...

Am L120 Unholy DK and have been killing the Wanted's that recommend 3 players solo easily, but for some reason this quest has me stumped!
I kill the totems etc, but everytime I get him down to 15% or so HP he just wipes me in 10 seconds even when Ive got over 1/2 HP left....

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
I've watched videos of people doing this on various classes without losing much health. They don't even seem to be using the blood bubbles around the room (I've counted three that spawn.)

According to comments on using the bubbles is key. At first, I used them before my health got down too far. I died.

Then I thought I'd wait until my health started dropping. As I went toward the first of three that were in the room, they all despawned. I died.

I'm lvl 120 BM Hunter with a tenacity pet. I've popped Stampede, Exhiliration, Kill Command, even Aspect of the Turtle in a last -ditch effort NOT to die.

He still gets me.
Had you guys just recently dinged 120 when you attempted this fight? I did it on all my alts at around 116 (went to Vol'dun as their second zone) and it was an easy kill for every class, just in normal questing greens. I didn't even know the blood bubbles did anything. I just made sure to kill his totems and interrupt as much as I could and not stand in the whirly blade.

However, it may be a problem caused by the dreaded scaling. A brand new just dinged 120 is basically the weakest character in BfA. This is because the mobs are scaled around what your item level "should be" for your character level. For a level 115 toon that means it is balanced around about 250 ilvl, but at 120 it suddenly shoots up to balance for end game gear. So right when you ding, still in your level 119 clothes, it suddenly seems very hard.

It may just be a matter of grabbing some better gear from easier sources and coming back to the harder fights later.
Yeah, I can't kill this guy either. With 250 item level at level 115, he wipes the floor with me. The blood bubbles despawn before I get to the point where I actually need them and then they never show up again. And of course no one else in the area is on the quest so I can't get help. I asked friends for help and since they had already done it, it had the area phased out for them so I'm essentially alone except for three npcs that get dropped out of the fight once he's down to mid health.

*Insert heavy cursing here*
Same, just hit 120, i think it scales badly, anbd being a fire mage, i cant heal myself like they all do in the youtube videos. only 3 orbs spawn, and of you try and "save" them, they time out and you get no more.

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