[H]Cataclysmic LFM 1/8H Tue/Thr 6:30-10 serv.

Blackwater Raiders and Shadow Council
We are currently 8/8N and 3/8H Uldir.

Need DPS
Need 1 Full-time Holy Paladin, Raid experience preferred. Please contact me in-game:
btag Synadelphos#1893
or on discord

We don't mind taking more healers if you can play a dps off-spec well enough. If you're able to make at least one of our raid days consistently, and perform adequately then we'd like you to come raid with us.

We also would love to have tanks/healers in our community chat for mythics/keystones. I just can't guarantee you'll be able to play those roles in our raids, atm.

We, usually in the past, have enforced a strict closed raiding policy. Generally, only bringing guild tagged and friends/family of the guilded. In BFA we're opening our raid membership to any competant players who can consistently make at least one raid day.

Why cataclysmic raid?
    10+ years of raid leadership experience

    Our core raid team are seasoned players, we have a consistent group of 10-12 who are around every xpac.

    Our raid team are all friends and we approach raiding as a fun social activity
    That said we can be particular with performance on progression content, as ultimately that is the goal of the raid, to progress.

    Many old-school members you might know who've been playing the game since classic from guilds with server history such as: Black Omen, Cataclysmic, Exiled, Infusion, and Reign of Shadows etc.

Mostly looking for dps, if you're a healer and can comfortably play dps as off-spec that's fine too. We may on occasion need more or less healers of different classes and specs, but you'll likely be playing dps for the time being.

We really don't have a need for any tanks right now; we have a lot of off-tanks who can fill the role.

What you need:
You'll need to install discord and join our discord channel to at least listen to our voice chat during raid (listening is mandatory, being able to talk isn't necessary).
All major announcements relating to raiding and forming groups as well as guild/raid policy happen on discord; you'll need to check in to stay informed.
Come prepared - consumables, enchants, gems etc. the usual, especially since these things can't be traded cross server. Have at least glanced over the fight ahead of time so you have an idea of what you need to do during the raid.

Community Code:

Contact guild leadership:
btag Synadelphos#1893

Join guild discord:

Updated with new recruitment targets:
Need a Holy Paladin.

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