3 words to describe BFA so far

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08/13/2018 03:08 PMPosted by Amermito
for me its stare at log in screen

"Stuck at work"
!@#$ing %^-* Show
Awesome so far
"Logging in to game server"
Day Off Work
Server Is Locked
Position In Queue
Screen is Black
Character Not Found
Bought With Gold
Not Out Cash
Keep Calm. Breathe.
I'm at work
Battle For Authentication
Well.. from what I'm seeing on drums ppl freaking out.....

Funny as hell
Logging in to...
Too busy playing
Must know fights.
Realm is Full
20 min later after 1344 ppl got in it says Position in queue :4
estimate time < 1 minute

lol that's like 20 minute like this...how stupid
Potion wins again
Worse than WoD.

At least there I could look at the spy glass that did nothing.
I am Sad.
Loading Screen Boss

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