Can't Progress in War Campaign - Table unclickable

Bug Report

Getting same issue.
Same here

This needs to be fixed ASAP. This is such an important part to get done quickly to get started once hitting 120.
It's completely broken for my girlfriend, her war table is un clickable and can't get any of the quests after doing Vol Dun
Also seems like this has stopped me from being able to get the island expeditions quest as well, fun times.
Juar blizzard things
Same issue. Just hit 120 and went to finish war campaign and unlock WQ, not able to progress. Possibly the worst bug I've ever encountered. It sucks staying up all night for launch, hitting max level, and then having a wall slammed in your face. My friend and I wanted to do some emissaries before going to bed.
My entire group is stuck on this. Got to 120 and cannot progress as we cannot continue our War Campaign and cannot do the Warfronts.
Yeah this is kinda ridiculous. Can’t progres any end game content without doing the last 2 footholds.

I logged out after doing Zul’dazar foothold and handing in the quests prior to that. Came back on to finish the last 2 and it says I need rep with the 7th legion, however my other group mates didn’t have this issue and have the same rep as me. This is also the only way to obtain rep with 7th legion outside of WQs which are unlocked through footholds.

This is a gigantic game breaking bug. Preventing me from playing end game.
Same whole 5 man group got to 120 and never could do another war campain after the first one. Couldn't unlock wq.
Pretty massive bug. I'm surprised it went live with something that is this much of an issue.

I guess we can just hope theres a fix after restarts
Same problem!
My group is also stuck with this issue!
Yeah, i rush for 120 hoping getting some extra times for wq and i get stuck on this thing.
stuck as well, an update would be nice!
Have The Devs acknowledged this bug yet? Would be nice to know anything.
same issue
Also getting this issue, after logging in post maintenance it wouldn't let me select my second foodhold.
^ After same thing. Reset didn't change the situation.
It looks more like the War Campaign think you have already completed a certain step of the Campaign and thus requires you to match the requirement for the next step to continue when in reality you never finished the previous step as the game thought. Forexample it looks like my War Campaign thinks I have established all 3 footholds thus tell me find Lilian when I have Honorbound rep while the truth is I never finished establishing the 3rd foothold thus have no rep(and also wq) to match the requirement for the next step, and it also remove the function of clicking the table to establish the 3rd foothold since it thinks I already complete that part.

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