German Guild somewhere around?

Nazgrel, Nesingwary, and Vek'nilash
Hey guys,

I am pretty good talking english and my writing is usually also fine, but I am living now again in Germany and I would like to talk and write german.. if possible.

Asking in Trade and Zone Chats so far was absolutely useless, so I am trying it this way using the Forum.

Does someone know a German Guild or even is in one?

About me, I was a long time addicted WoW Player beginning like 4-6 month before BC until Mists, skipped Cata and joined again for Draenorm skipped again Legion and just joind again.

I have most classes at a Level of 90+. My Main Toon was a DK Tank with primary Toons Rogue and Hunter all on lvl 100. As I started now again, I have found again my love for my Nelf Warrior with main Spec on Tank.

It would be really great to find again a German Guild.. even though I know it might be a bit hard, as I am willingly on a US Server.

So any message regarding german Guilds would be more than awesome.

Bump to all there outside,

I am still looking for a German Guild, but all in all, an more active Guild would be also great.

As I am right now more in one of these Collectorguilds that just collect some stray Player when they are just logged in.

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