WPVP Forums finally

War Mode and World PvP
What took so long for this to happen, I love world pvp. Drop BTs if you want to go to War!
So basically a new place for me to collect salt from
Thrilled we get a WPvP forum!
Yes, thanks Blizz! Glad you implemented this suggestion!
Should have been done, they center everything around Arenas which sucks cause that is only a small part of the community. Lot of us only suffered arena for gear.
Well met!
I quit playing during warlods, and didnt care for legion

but this, this is why i am back blizzard, i am in love again!
Wpvp is the reason I play the game.

08/17/2018 02:02 PMPosted by Phalanx
Well met!

Three cheers for WPVP forums!!! Let's hope the jimmies are as rustled as ever. I've been doing personal mining expeditions with warmode on and it's been a blast!

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