5-6 ex mythic raiders looking for a home

Greetings all we are a group of friends that raided Mythic together in Legion. Our guild was on Hydraxis and we killed heroic Argus on 11/29/17 (World 110th). We pride ourselves on knowing our class and performance.

We are looking for a guild for Heroic Raiding, M+, and world PvP. We want to clear Heroic content and have fun.

our group is as follow:
DK Tank (pref)
Holy/Disc Priest
Monk (all roles)
DK (all roles)

As i do realize that adding this many people can change a raid group, we want to start playing with a new guild asap in order to build relationships and integrate into the new environment. Please add me aokiji1551#1128 so we can talk.

The [A] guild CLIMAX is a Heroic/Mythic raiding guild. Our current team is made partially of returning players. We raid Friday and Saturday evenings with M+ ran all the time. We also have a PvP team trying to become a reality.

Our goal is to clear heroic and dabble into mythic raids. Push for high M+ keys.

We currently have several people playing tank and have quite a bit of Melee dps. But with this still being a new team we are staying open to stacking classes and movin people around.

We do need Ranged DPS, and Healers

Looking forward to hear back from you

Hey Death,

I just added you on bnet, we are just getting our second raid team roster started - if the scheduling works for you I think you and your crew would make an awesome addition. Feel free to drop by our discord server as well:



Yeah, let's add the mobile clique into our guild, what could go wrong.

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