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Nazgrel, Nesingwary, and Vek'nilash
Carriers of the Cross is recruiting for all levels with an end game goal of running M+ dungeons and eventually raids. We are a casual, drama-free, family-friendly, Christian-led Horde guild on the World of Warcraft server of Nazgrel. And we would love for you to join us!

We are very excited about Battle for Azeroth and look forward to building up a strong and positive presence on Nazgrel.

Our goal is to be known as friendly and helpful members in the WoW community. We will strive to provide clean chat channels, forums and Discord for our members and their families.

While Carriers of the Cross was founded by Christians, it is NOT required for membership. All we expect of our membership is to be respectful to others and uphold the honor of the guild.

We have gamers of every type, young and old, hardcore and casual, PvEers, PvPers and dedicated crafters. We will work to be active in all areas of WoW.

The only requirement for membership is to read and agree to our rules. You will need to fill out our application with a bit of information about yourself. If you have any questions, comments or ever want to meet us, just come on over to http://www.cotcross.com/.
Your GM straight out said in trade chat that you don't agree with being gay and that it was a sin.

So, no.

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