Frustrated with the Anduin Knights raid group

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This sounds like the most epic thing I've read so far on these forums OP. I followed your link and saw their pics--- totally blown away. Thank you for bringing more fame to these heroes, and I hope they continue on! :D
08/27/2018 09:01 PMPosted by Bowmaiden
We are undefeated in the few weeks I have been with the group. I have this toon in the community and another hunter in Cryptids guild on Sargeras. We are very organized with Cryptids at the helm. We stay in a tight formation, we ride Snowy Gryphons, and we are always on the move. We whip them, let them come back and then hit them again. Nobody can stand against us. Expect us Horde. We are coming to town whenever we want.

Here are some pix if you want to see the last couple of days:

There are literally no dead horde bodys in your screen shots and one of them is you guys retreating because the horde are responding. I'm tich horde and haven't heard of you guys...

also, "zapey" is as close to zappy as rouge is to rogue. At least make an original name that makes sense when trying to hype your own stuff.
Why cant horde guilds come out and respond here? That way the alliance and horde can have warmode battles and then life will be simple for me to find out the top 3 horde guilds/communities?

Alliance side was very easy to find, horde side is difficult, i heard Warsong battalion was one of the best horde side in the past but in the present time.....???

My true intention is to find the top #3 horde guilds/communities in warmode because in BFA warmode is actually a thing

Why is wow blogging so hard?

My list is incomplete and want to finish my top #3 guilds horde side
I just want to say this, horde on my server are always going .. HERP DERP WE GONNA DO WORLD PVP .... And when it comes down to it. Nope nothing, I had to turn off warmode on my warrior cause seemly everyone is to !@#$ing scared to help.
Ohh the butthurt runs deep.
There is nothing impressive about a massive zerg of alliance killing solo/small scale players. You are a rogue, you should know better. When you see that many Alliance, think about it this way...there is a significant amount of balding middle aged men all in one discord clicking buttons on one person
Lol the OP is part of the ALLIANCE GUILD OMEGALUL. Pathetic. This is why the Alliance has been on farm since BFA
08/27/2018 02:39 PMPosted by Effigie
08/27/2018 10:25 PMPosted by Ghenn
You're incredibly disingenuous acting like OP is looking for a fight rather than trying to flex his epeen.

I said CHILL KID, NO ONE IS TRYING TO HURT YOUR EGO, no one is trying to steal your digital fame.
Forums are not a good place for you then, you'd think everyone is flexing epeens and that will get you really mad and frustrated when actually you just happen to have pathological insecurities. And no one care about you except me, a nobody.

Yes OP's looking for attention, that's what forums and advertising are for, duh. But this thread is not addressed to wannabe super e-star to get their approval or some sort of recognition.
If you don't have any ego problem, you'll see clearly that it's just a funny call to arms with a slight coating of faction pride RP.

Yes this kinda look childish and grotesque. But isn't WoW like that? The cartoon characters, the ridiculous NPCs and even pooh jokes. This thread has all the WoW flavors, so why not just laugh and take it as it is?

Nothing to take too seriously, stop !@#$%ing about everything in A GAME. Have fun playing WoW, let people have their fun and try to accomplish serious stuff in real life instead.
All the useless comments on this thread not a single horde guild or a community member stepped forward to tackle this alliance raid problem.

08/27/2018 03:10 PMPosted by Zapey
I am serious they are specifically targeting bigger raid groups they are interested in 40 man or multiple horde raid groups and they are successfully disbanding all of them I am not even kidding why do you think I am posting this that someone needs to counter them for real.

08/27/2018 03:13 PMPosted by Zapey
If you cant handle horde that are questing and camping you in small numbers that is just a shame these guys don't even target small parties they target bigger raid groups which is good for people who are leveling but not so much who are trying to farm

Wait a minute, so 5 bullies camping 1 player is fair, but when an elite team demolishes a 40-man raid of bullies it is unfair?

Personally, I think this is just more butthurt than anything else. I think it is good that the Alliance are finally standing up to the Horde.
I'm gonna say, I was killing the Horde raids with Anduin Knights yesterday and it's a VERY good feel to camp the Horde and not otherwise. Stop whining and make your own raid group to counter us, hun.
These guys ride on gryphons they have been realm hopping and almost smashing every realm in all bfa zones...

Yeah? Quite a claim.

Proof that they are smashing almost EVERY realm? I mean, the logistics alone are mind boggling.
Gosh...I must be missing these shockingly destructive events...

Only recently we had a swarm of Alliance try to enter the Zandalari capital. Very much enjoyed annihilating them.
I've never even heard of them but based on what you're saying, you say they target large raid groups which might explain things.

I never form raids for PvP. Usually, it just starts with me and then if I get outnumbered, I begin building an army and that army vs army fight doesn't last very long nor is it a raid of 40 people.
They're actually a great group for any Alliance players looking for WPvP. On the eve of BfA launch, Anduin's Knights and The Empire of the Alliance launched a dual raid on Orgrimmar and completely obliterated everything in sight.

It was glorious.
That's pretty rad.
08/28/2018 04:55 AMPosted by Alenaria
I'm gonna say, I was killing the Horde raids with Anduin Knights yesterday and it's a VERY good feel to camp the Horde and not otherwise. Stop whining and make your own raid group to counter us, hun.

I joined their community in the pre-patch. It was so much fun!!!!!
I need to start up again - been so busy leveling.
Cheers to all the Knights!
08/27/2018 09:59 PMPosted by Hecatomb
08/27/2018 09:02 PMPosted by Bowmaiden
Easy slick. Grab 39 of your friends and we will give you a repair bill no charge.

Why would you charge me for a repair bill?

Yeah, I thought of that after hitting Add Reply. LOL, carry on good sir

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