Healer(MW+Rsham) + Mage dps LF...

...Guild ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ

Bit about us:
I have been healing forever and am looking for a full time healing position for me and dps position for a mage/sham friend who started during WoD. We have been doing aotc heroic progg all of Legion and maybe some mythic if the team works well. I usually lvl all healers to max lvl but will be focusing on either monk or resto shaman first ( or both if catch up and alt stuff isnt bad ). So hopefully a guild/raid group in need of a monk and/or shaman going into BfA for healing and ranged dps position.

Goals for BfA:
The goal is heroic aotc again and the m+ 15 weekly (anything more is a bonus). We play alot and love to help out and are looking for a group of cool people who have similar goals. Maybe not a huge or large guild but one we can grow with. We moved here from hyjal too :3

Times best for us for raiding mon-fri 5pm to 9pm server, Sunday 12pm-9pm server. Sat my friend can get called into work but I should have no issues making it if it is a non progression/alt+fun night.

Please feel free to send me ingame mail and looking forward to checking back here on and off.

Thanks for reading!
Check out especially challenged or tectonic plates they me be a good fit for you
Hey guys, we are recruiting in KotA. Take a look at our ad on the forums, as it explains exactly who we are and what we are looking for

<Make WoW Great Again> is looking to bolster our roster before heading into BfA. We are currently looking for anyone who wants to raid with the exception of tanks as we are far past maximum capacity (however os tanks are always welcome).

What we offer: A fun and friendly guild that doesn't take itself too seriously but still kills bosses up to and including Mythic difficulty. We joke, laugh and poke fun at each other all night as we kill bosses. We are very social and even when we're not playing the game we are always on discord talking about whatever random things that come up.

What we want: Its pretty simple, to have Fun. The point of a game is to have fun while you're playing and we do everything we can to make sure we are fostering a fun environment for our raiders.

What we expect: We expect all of our raid members to show up on time to our raids (we pull the first boss AT 11am, meaning we clear trash and get ready before hand) prepared with flasks, food, potions and knowledge of their spec. We know that not everyone is a veteran player and if you're not sure what you need to be doing we have no problem teaching you as long as you're willing to listen. One thing we're very proud of is the fact that we dont just recruit great players, we create them.

Progression: Once again we will be getting AotC on every tier and if the team allows for it pushing into Mythic. How far we go largely depends on what the team as a whole decides but Heroic will absolutely be on farm.

Raid Times Saturday and Sunday at 11am PST.

If interested drop me a line here or at my contact info below:
Discord: Quizz#8868
Bnet: Quizz#1428
Hey Eracon, I am extremely interested in talking with you, from your post, I believe we would be a great fit, I will look to send an ingame mail, but also feel free to send me a Btag add.

Tempus Dominus (Lightbringer-US)

Raid Times 5:30-8:30 server time (8:30-11:30 est)
Raid Days Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday
Personal Loot ( Any unwanted items are rolled off ML )

Our Progression for Antorus was 3/11 Mythic until we decided to take a break.

Tempus Dominus is a Progression raiding guild, with players that have known each other for several years, raiding together for a number of expansions, We always achieve AoTC each raid tier.

We are looking for dedicated & experienced raiders with good Attendance & Attitude to join us as we push into BFA.

Our goal is to clear Heroic, and move into Mythic if possible, we are looking for like minded people to be a part of our guild.

We also will be running Mythic + Dungeons as we did in Legion.

Food, Flasks and Guild Repairs are provided for all Raiders

Currently recruiting:

Looking for ranged DPs and Healers specifically for immediate raid spots, all players regardless of Class/Spec are welcome to apply.

Contact for more details..

GM -BTag Fuzzy#1494 Discord Fuzzy#4916
Co - GM / RL Psychosiz#1816
Officer LyxxnPash#1538

Officer Agreb25#1353

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