Classic wow is going to kill BFA

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My guess is that there will be a massive initial surge of people running to classic. Then, after the nostalgia goggles have come loose, its numbers will drop and remain at a certain level.
08/09/2018 04:22 PMPosted by Fatguy
calling it now.

Ya I doubt it. Classic WoW was not as good as people think. People who think PVP is broken now did not play during classic wow. The gear grind in raids was much different than today. Only 2-3 items dropped for a 40 man raid. Many bosses required specific resist gear and pots. Groups for dungeons took forever to fill and longer to get to.

Classic WoW definitely has a cult of devoted followers that want those days back but I don't see it dethroning BFA. Most people probably wont even get to 60. Calling it now > 80% of people that pickup classic WoW wont hit 60. On second thought that number I think is to generous. Will be closer to 90-95% of players wont hit 60. They will realize what an awful grind the original system was. How PVP was not balanced and a decently geared arms spec warrior with a few healers could wipe out a town.
08/10/2018 05:30 PMPosted by Ralanthel
So the next WoW killer is...WoW?


I have givin up on retail version. Just not my cup of tea anymore. I will be in classic full time when it drops
08/09/2018 04:38 PMPosted by Eilethalua
08/09/2018 04:22 PMPosted by Fatguy
calling it now.

This lame meme needs to DIAF. Calling something is only valuable if you're actually putting something on the line. Being a totally anonymous forum character means there's no way to rub your face in the cow chips when your call is verifiably wrong.

Also ... if BfA dies it will be wholly and completely on the shoulders of BfA and the (lead) developer decisions. Players have repeatedly said what they don't like, and it is things like needing exalted rep from Legion to play an Allied Race for BfA, or having yet another iteration of the garrison table, or having easy gold-earning heavily nerfed, or having their stats squished and the relative difficulty of leveling increased. (That last, in fact, being a big enough complaint that if it killed BfA, it would definitely not send those people looking to WOW: Classic.)

WOW: Classic appeals to a different kind of gaming mentality, and the overlap of people who like both WOW: Classic style and WOW: Retail style is small. It exists, but there aren't several million BfA players who are all ready to drop it to play WOW: Classic exclusively. The majority of those players are likely to head elsewhere, probably non-Blizzard titles.

Been enjoying BFA. While I am very interested in playing classic, I will still be playing BFA and playing classic.

By the time it is released if BFA is still the current expansion, it may steal some players due to BFA burnout. It won't kill it though.
As much as I hope for the best, Classic will in no way truly effect the retail playerbase.
Just gonna quickly type some things here.

Last time I played WoW with a subscription was during the Burning Crusade. I started as a closed beta tester and quit because I played too much and needed a rest. I created this trial account to see how the game feels like now and although there are several quality of life improvements, the game itself is too casual and with too much content that overwhelms me.

I tried some instances and here is what I found out:

- Everyone is a twink. They also look like high levels due to transmog feature which, in my opinion sucks and ruins my immersion into the game.
- Too easy, no tactical play required. People were breaking my polymorph because it was not required.
- No resource management(wtf?). I don't know why I had a mana bar to begin with.
- Dungeon finder is OK, but it kills the social part of the game. I can simply teleport to the dungeon, not requiring to get the quests by exploring the world and actually entering the dungeon in it's proper zone. The quest givers just spawn inside the dungeon, lol.

- I have one talent every 15 levels which can be replaced in any inn? Too easy.

Tried some battlegrounds, but everyone is a twink, so I immediately left it to continue questing. Just put everyone on the same ilvl in these lower level battlegrounds, for god's sake. Or at least give EXP at the end of it without a way to turn exp off, so you can't twink forever.

I tried looking at the auction house(which used to be great in vanilla) and all the low level gear was like 500g. I asked around and it was due to transmog, apparently. Great, now I can be a low level with millions and make the game even easier.

There is a lot of other reasons why WoW is not enjoyable anymore and I'm lazy to list everything. There are some improvements which I would also like to see in classic.

Overall the game has changed so much, I don't find it enjoyable anymore. There is no immersion, difficulty, social aspect, exploration, adventuring. It's just casual trash.

I'll be waiting for Classic or WoW 2.
Never gonna happen. The thing between classic wow and retail wow is that in classic, you barely wanted to play more then two characters. Now, you can play as many as you want. Yes you can have more then this in classic wow, but it wasn't easy. Now it's not to easy, and not to hard. They are finding new things as they are working on new stuff. And this is something that shacks people up. Change they do not like or don't understand why.

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