EVIL CORP is hiring! (H RP-Friendly)

Blackwater Raiders and Shadow Council
Ever wanted to tour the world in style? Yeah! Me too! Go figure! Well, I guess it's just too bad you can't do that on a daily basis. Well, I've got something just as good as touring the world. Come "work" for Evil Corp. We have a 409(t) savings plan and regular dental and vision check ups. At Evil Corp, we will put the fun back into fundamentals, and the cooperation into having you slave away at mining Azerite! Join us today and you will regret every other decision you have ever made!

OOC Disclaimer:
Hey guys. I'm looking at expanding my guild and bring back some RP on Shadow Council. Right now, it's a very small guild, focusing mostly on leveling and helping one another out. I'm looking for any and all that would like to help rebuild this guild to a fairly sized, active RP community. If you are interested, come find me or hit me up in game.

Greetings fellow rper of our realm. Its good to see more rp guilds popping up, I made this one a short while back, we are small but welcoming to all. I wish you luck and hope to encounter you IC.
ooooh cool to see another Horde RP guild! i wish you best of luck and and i /salute you for contributing to the Horde RP community. Im trying to wrap up the last few levels on my Mage and my warrior on alliance but id hope to meet you ICly on my Horde toons! best of luck!
Im on blackwater. My husband and I just switched factions from alliance to horde. Joined a guild but nobody seems to talk. We have some high level characters that we will move over once we can afford to.
I am on Blackwater looking for RP. I do have some on Shadow Council as well.

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