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I'm beyond tired of Blizzard putting out things that -they- think or say will be fun while blatantly disregarding the opinions and input of the majority of the player base. We're the customers - our voices should be having a lot more to do with shaping the game or the future of it. On top of all of that, you'd think if we were just going to have to deal with what we got (things we protested or things we didn't ask for) that it wouldn't have as many bugs and glitches as it's had. Rare mobs not spawning, randomly falling through the world to your death, etc. After you suck all of that up, you get to look forward to logging in to do 6 hours of WQs and not much else.
Every past expansion I have always had at least 2 to 3 classes I enjoyed playing and would choose between to main. This is the first time I had to choose the 'least worst' one to play.

I could live with other issues, no expac is perfect but how am I to try and enjoy the content if I cannot enjoy my spec or class.

Most of the time I just do not want to log in. They took away so much and added nothing and with the GCD change. I just dont want to even talk about that. I fully support this post OP.
I said I wasn't going to buy this xpac and I was done with Blizzards BS. But I caved, with hope that it would be different. I was wrong. Buyers remorse sucks.
Agreed, by this point in legion I was excited to almost be at my next gold trait and excited to open my emissary cache every day for that legendary piece of candy to spice up my gameplay. Right now In bfa, there's nothing to be excited about, uldir sets? Terribly implemented and boring. Azerite power? Pfft if i wasn't constantly losing traits and they weren't just the boring passive more damage type maybe it'd be interesting
Legacy servers coming soon hopefully.
People who feel the need to qualify their statement and put themselves above others is usually not worth listening to. Your 15 bucks a month is worth just as much as the guy who started playing WoW last week
09/05/2018 09:48 AMPosted by Yanasa
People who feel the need to qualify their statement and put themselves above others is usually not worth listening to. Your 15 bucks a month is worth just as much as the guy who started playing WoW last week

Seems you're more interested in being presumptious than having discussion based on the thread topic. Please point to where I or Blizzard said they devalued anyone's opinion based on how long they've been playing WoW...
09/05/2018 09:45 AMPosted by Shredguts
Legacy servers coming soon hopefully.

Dont want them.
I'd like to add that this is the first expansion where I dread getting a higher ilvl item of gear because it means I'll have to wait weeks or months to unlock the traits I already have opened on my lower ilvl gear. I have gear with traits unlocked that I really like and works well with my spec/class, however the ilvl is low. Equipping a higher ilvl gives me a higher ilvl number, but reduces my dps since the traits aren't unlocked yet. Then I get a 340 with traits that outright suck where I don't want to select anything (do I run over to stand in a pool on the ground or run over there to collect a ball that gives me a few seconds of goodies?).

I just want to know the name of the next expansion right now please. Because I'm not bothering with this azerite system anymore. I'm tired of comparing this to that, wondering what "a chance" means and how it sucks that I have zero control over whether or not that chance procs or not. I'm tired of keeping gear in my bags because I have all 3 traits on my blue dungeon gear unlocked and do more dps compared to the same item +15ilvls higher. I'm not going to bother or worry about it anymore. If I end up being ilvl 500 tomorrow but weak as a kitten and my team is scratching their heads, that's BFA folks. I'm not going to constantly worry and wonder about ilvl vs. traits vs. what levels to unlock them vs. which gear has better traits at this level vs. this trait at that level vs. how long it'll take me to get there.

I have too much crap in my life to contend with and worry about than this stupid system in all honesty.
08/19/2018 03:47 PMPosted by Azemane
I find the Azerite traits to be more interesting to play around with in trying to squeeze extra use out of them. I actually prefer that they're less impactful over several of the artifact traits.

The complaints you have about weakness seem misguided as to the actual issues that happen at every new expansion launch.

I don't agree. I have 2 characters that I leveled to 120 in BfA and 1 just completed all the Pathfinder requirements, so i't been through the paces. There's something that they have done to the variable stats of the characters as you are leveling that stops when you reach 120. All of may alts that I've brought into the new areas do great leveling with enough power to stay alive against the mobs and even soloing elites. Right now, I have 2 at 118 and I'm almost afraid to bring them any higher.

Once you reach 120, the same trash mobs and elites you killed easily leveling become cumbersome and more difficult. You'd think it would get easier and you're going to be more powerful at lvl 120, but that isn't the case. I've spent more time running back from graveyards because of deaths by wandering mobs than I have in any other expansion (and I've been playing since the end of LK).

The stat squish and class change started 3 weeks prior to BfA launch and there was a dramatic power loss in all classes. The Global cool downs on attacks on a few characters leaves literally a second or two without any attacks open for use. I've never had all these classes feel so clunkly and powerless before with any other expansion transition.

As Legion was wrapping up, I was occupying my time soloing classic raids for the set gear appearances. I was soloing Mythic Panda Raid and 25m Hero Draenor raids with ease prior to the squish. Once that happened, most of that content became impossible to solo because your damage to bosses was so low that you'd die to mechanics of the fight and fights take 4 times longer.

It took getting my main and another alt to lvl 120 to have that same content feel somewhat closer to what it was and be soloable, however, I'm not 30 levels over Panda and 20 levels over Draenor bosses. They should be oneshots, not still a dance with mechanics.

Yes, higher gear would help a lot, but you don't seem to ever get gear from dungeons. I've run plenty and got one piece out of of 6 dungeons I ran and the piece I got was actually lower than what I got from farming elites.

The gear system is broken and it somehow needs to be fixed. I don't understand all the dynamics. I only know how much I enjoyed playing this game all these years and how much frustration and anger I've felt since the pre-launch changes started. I don't enjoy the game right now and it really makes me sad. I hope it can be salvaged and fixed in a way that works better and not a bandaid fix. It'll be a long 2 to 3 years for the next expansion... and there are other games out there. Maybe it's time to look for something else.
09/07/2018 09:45 PMPosted by Baaynor
I have 2 characters that I leveled to 120

Shout outs to people who can get more than 1 character to max level. Leveling is the most boring thing ever in WoW.
Great post OP. Well written, Well said. Totally agree.
I hope this post is MVP, because I love you.
BFA dosent make me want to log in and improve my character/s.
so wheres your other account that shows your "Top 25 man heroic" raiding achievements? all i see is a bunch of puggable stuff.
It's a cash grab.

That's it.

Find me a fundamental piece of the game that isn't oriented around extending your subscription.

Find me a fundamental piece of the game that isn't about minimum developer effort for maximum monetary return.

Hint: You can't.

Also inb4: "But it's a b-b-business!"

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